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Liner Notes: 

Writing for 5090 2021, because it's a lovely excuse to get back to it.

The tom drums pattern was the first thing that came to me here, and as I wrote more and more parts to add to it (especially when designing the first pad) I felt I was playing it rather safe on the chord progression, and was a little critical of myself for likely repeating a chord sequence I've used in the past (or something similar to it), but I like it. What's the harm in repeating something lovely? Anyways, I still went a little berserk on some more of the sound design, then added some polyrhythms, and more and more 303's, because I'm me, so duh.
And then came the vocals, a quick write, but an honest one. I struggled with a few takes till I got recordings I was happy with, the arrangement came easily enough too.

I intend to cut myself less slack as far as vocal performances go, I hope it shows.

Watch out for the cover image, it's even more NSFW than the lyrics (and on point).


I'm naked
You should be naked too
I'm naked
For me, not for you

Why do I have
A closet full of clothes
I don't need those dresses
Nor those pantyhose

Even though I know
That shirt is very cute
I'd rather walk around
In my birthday suit

I'm talking Summer
The heat of the day
Why don't we simply
Let the wind have its way?

Are we so shy
We always need to hide?
If we were made in God's image
Where is our pride?

Why should I be
So damn polite
I don't even care
About the so called moral right

What's so wrong
About the naked form
Why has it been outlawed
Isn't it the norm?

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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big sound, floating vocals, seductive lyric, espexially love the drums on either side of the bass. tinklin piano winds around the beat like a curious snake. more and more sounds are layered in untillll we are immersed in the wonder of the body, the a short fade to solitude. a wonderful journey.

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Thanks so much for the first feedback for this edition of 5090. Biggrin

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Great sounds, very high quality, got a real sensual feel. Great start draws you in! Very enjoyable!

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This has an almost hypnotic feel to it, like immerging in a giant ocean of sensuality... Very atmospheric and sophistically crafted... It is true, it feels like parting for a magic journey... Beautifully done!

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another huge track, well written lyrics. you definitely create an atmosphere! sounds huge!