I found you again

I found you again

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Liner Notes: 

It captures the mood I wanted for my opener. Smile

Intended as an instrumental only.

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really nice piece - love the build and that big drum - finishes on a real high! very atmospheric

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Hey Double D! This is really awesome! Great way to open the show! I almost expected to hear something like "Look mummy, there's an airplane up in the sky"! This has a really strong PF or even Moody Blues vibe that I love! (of course I'm stuck in the 60s/70s!) Love the big lift with drums and orchestral swell in the last 15 seconds or so. I really enjoyed my listen!! (I didn't even yearn for banjo at all during the whole 3 minutes!)

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Atmospheric with an uplifting ending that captures the title of the piece. Very nice.

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In deed, very cinematic... I t feels mysterious and creates pictures of space with a lovely touch of darkness and subtle tension.

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ooh have we started? my first listen of the season and now i feel like i am setting off on a heroic quest after that opener... nice one Smile

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This is a juicy soundscape DD! Worthy of the grand opening indeed. In a word ‘epic’!

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Oh! that was an unexpected start! Super opener! Next epic HBO series! Saga of the Exiles would fit. PS are you runnign stuff through TAXI? this would make it on an appropriate call. Excellent use of the choirs. I'm soooo impressed. I'll have to work harder now! Is this what a lifetime of playing Mornington Crescent does for one?

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im falling right down through this search in the maelstrom. very nice the way a song emerges from the descent, and those plucked strings rise above and quiets the longing. finally rncircled by a heavenly choir with a beat. man, what a wealth of images you evoke.

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You're not kidding with those tags, are you? A huge sonic palette, expertly applied (choirs and guitar harmonics definitely do the job for me.)

If this is a sign of what's to come from you this summer, I am definitely on board.

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So beautifully evocative! Gave me chills immediately and throughout. The plucking added to the mystery and anticipation of what was going to happen next. The thumping with the increase in strings create an amazing build at the end. This really needs to be in a movie soundtrack. Great delivery!

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Beautiful! I just closed my eyes while this loveliness came out of my Tannoy reference monitors very loudly. I loved this movie.

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This piece really evokes a story with clear and striking images. Very peaceful, enjoyed listening.

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"Space the final frontier." ..it's got that type of feel..like an opening song for a movie!!!
LOVE it.

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A nice summons to the Gregorian Spirits! Very atmospheric and Ethereal! Like that drum.....Wonderful, hopeful ending on that.

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What a wonderful sensory experience...it took me to all kinds of places in my imagination...amazingly good!

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wow I am journeying through all sorts of cultures and landscapes with this.. its very varied, and all sounding lush, and balanced, and I love the drums and horns section, I can imagine a composer wanting to open with a 'great work' something like this, perhaps putting out their stall, (as a statement of intent?)