Gone by Spring

Gone by Spring

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Liner Notes: 

This song is about people who fall out of lour lives through no fault of our own who we still miss dearly.


Gone by Spring:

It never meant to start like this, every word can sap your bliss,
Leave your lips for one less kiss of the favours of the crowd
I wonder why I couldn;t say in an open kind of gentle way,
The things that seem so obvious, that I see so clearly now, see so clearly now

Short run

She was like a ball of string, rolling down the hillside free,
Touching those broken leaves, that aren’t easily tied down.
She wanted never to be told or have her dreams left un- dissolved,
By men whose ears were focused on,
Her footsteps on the ground, Her footsteps on the ground,

She/He was gone by Spring, miss her every evening
Gone by Spring, when the sun goes down.

..when the Sun goes down.

He was like a man possessed determined tired and poorly dressed,
But I love him deep inside my chest,
Still feel his voice so loud, think of how it might have been
Cruelest blows sowing Winter seeds
Easy thoughts have lost their ease, and leave me not so proud.


I miss him every evening when the sun goes down.

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very tender delivery of a topic close to my heart! lovely song mate! great first up song!

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A delightful song. I think Paul Simon was influenced by your style and turn of phrase. Enjoyed the listen and made me think about the people I miss. Thank you.

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I like the slightly melancholic and tender feel this songs conveys... Very beautiful lyrics with a lovely, thoughtful vocal delivery... Very poignant and touching...

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so nice to hear your voice again, and your guitar picking is so comforting.the changing of gender makes the song not as lonely as the lament of only one side of the parting would be. we are drawn into the mutuality of the sorrow. the final verse is especially dear to me.

Really nice song, your vocals are great here and deliver the lyrics so well. The guitar is a nice gentle backing for it. Well done!

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Wonderful lyric. Really fine storytelling. I was moved by the song (and the performance), and able to relate to in various kinds of ways.

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Beautiful, Greg. Incredible imagery. Great singing and playing. Love hearing your stuff. Hope you're doing well!