Who Would Notice (DEMO now up)

Who Would Notice (DEMO now up)

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Liner Notes: 

Hard on the heels of ‘dear aliens’. For 50-90 purposes, it's essentially a sequel, hence the juxtaposition between the child and the spacecraft mentioned in 'dear aliens'.

These tears in word form are for refugee toddlers like Artin Iran-Nejad (washed up on the Norwegian coast June 2021), Alan Kurdi (washed up on the Turkish coast September 2017), and other children lost to the ocean in recent years.

Donna sez: Thank you to Billy for the beautiful, evocative, atmospheric music, and to Alyssa for the tender and melancholy vocals.


Who Would Notice

The tide that morning
Delivered a child to the shore
Swaddled in seaweed
As though it had tried to protect him

The gulls that morning
Stood guarding a beautiful boy
Mystified sand crabs
Wondered how Life could reject him

From the window of a spacecraft
On its way to distant worlds
Who would notice a speck
On the water below?
A baby adrift and alone
Fifteen months old, far from its home
From the window of a spacecraft
Who would notice

Even Neptune, god of the seas
Enthroned on the ocean floor
Wept when he saw that minnow
A fragment of flotsam
A once but nevermore

From the window of a spacecraft
On its way to distant worlds
Who would notice a speck
On the water below?
A baby adrift and alone
Fifteen months old, far from its home
From the window of a spacecraft
Who would notice

© 2021 Donna Devine

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Now you are making me cry. Brilliant vivid lyrics that stabbed my heart.

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yup - great painted story and some lovely twists i didnt see that added different perspective, cool!

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Coming from a deep place - that any child could be rejected instead of protected.

If you decide to fine tune these lyrics I wonder whether you'll at least explore other things than "the window of a spacecraft." Obviously you're trying to zoom out to a huge perspective but just, what would it feel like instead if it were the window of the watchtower, the window of the lighthouse (both of these have a bit of irony as they imply protection and light=goodness), or something else a little more related to earth and sea than a spaceship with windows is?

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Thank you for your comment and suggestion, Elaine. I get where you're coming from. Smile However, the lyric as it stands is tied directly to my previous lyric 'dear aliens' - it's basically a sequel - at least for 50-90 purposes - hence the mention of spacecraft in ironic juxtaposition to the child. Once the challenge is over I might make adjustments but the lyric will be standalone.

Tim Fatchen's picture

There's a lot of heartfelt anger and justifiable rage that comes through in the lyric. I didn't read the previous but I'm "happy" with the spacecraft, that being as far as one can get away from the world of a lost/abandoned child.

Donna Devine's picture

Thanks for your comment, Tim. Smile Yes, I intentionally wanted the three-way juxtaposition of the sea god - the human child, who I feel represents humanity as it stands right now - and the spacecraft, which represents ignorance of/disinterest in common human affairs. Ironic that only the sea god - an entity from a long ago time and mythology - has compassion.

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Hey Donna, I love this! Can I please put music to the lyrics of 'Dear aliens' and 'Who would notice'? I will bring musical unity in the two songs.

Thanks a lot. Smile

§ Roel

dzd's picture

This is a great sequel, and I assume it you're just taking it as it comes, but can completely see part I of this just spoken word to some spacey music as the first track of your concept album you've started Biggrin

Really powerful write there and here, do let me know if you get some music up

kahlo's picture

Beautifully written poignant sequel to your opening song.. it evokes a feelings of vulnerability and empathy within the vast complexities of humanity.

kahlo's picture

This is so powerful and poignant - the lyric reaches so deep into the heart with the compelling contemporary sentiment and rich metaphors. The music is absolutely gorgeous with the dynamic orchestral feel that includes such perfectly placed cymbal swells to the final keys and strings fade out. The melody flows beautifully as sung so gorgeously with emotion and empathy coming through.

Chip Withrow's picture

Amazing collab! I'm actually at something of a loss for words - I just enjoyed it and was affected by it so much.
I read the lyrics first - the comparison between space and sea, nature and human ... wow
And the music is so sweeping and grand and heart-wrenching. Incredible.

Roddy's picture

Really good collaboration. The music is very well done the crashing cymbals suggest the crashing waves and the vocal carries the words high above it. A little like Art Garfunkel does. The lyrics are of extremely high quality. I listened to 'dear aliens' and see how this fits in so well as a sequel.

sbs2018's picture

Those vocals and lyrics - beautiful harmonic right from the get go. So emotive!

JWHanberry's picture

Such a sad drama that plays out daily in this world. I fear that when we move to space we'll take it with us.
Beautifully done production on this. Great job to all.

tamsnumber4's picture

Beautifully sad lyric, well written, the bridge is my favorite, the music and production really help tell this story. Very nice vocals and phrasing.

"A fragment of flotsam
A once but nevermore"