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Liner Notes: 

So a few years ago, a fellow showed on the FAWM scene calling himself "Dragondreams". Impressed me greatly as the dude is a master of the plank-spanking. Killer bass player and then turned that fierce guitar on us. After getting over my nervousness, I asked dude if he would honor me with a killing guitar solo on a track I was working on. The mix wasn't the way I wanted it. My go-to sax man couldn't deliver the goods on time and there were a few odds and ends that I wanted to improve on. Track got shelved until about 3 weeks ago when I was going through files and I came across it. I was like: I'm gonna tweak this thing and give it the shine it deserves. So, without overdoing everything, but fixing the mix and adding a few things (including the sax) here is Rock This (The 2020 Experience Remaster). Additional vocals are by @ankari. I'm not sure she's around anymore, though.

Paul - I will always be grateful for your kindness and willingness to provide great opportunities for me to sharpen my musicianship. We've been through some health scares together and triumphed over them. Let's keep the party moving!

How I did it:
Originally recorded using Acid Pro 6
Remastered with Studio One 3 using Abbey Road plug ins.
Dragondreams - guitar solo
CTS - all other various sounds
Ankari - additional vocals


A lesson about knowledge...

We gon' rock this party
Gonna turn this mutha out
We gon' kick the hype groove
Gettin' funky, baby ain't no doubt

Check it out -
I got the beat that makes your head nod
Shaking your whole bod 2 the beat of this funky joint
Rock U coast 2 coast, Mr. Party tears it up cos I am the most
With the jelly that's dynamo with even flow
Make ya want 2 run down 2 the wrecka stow
And get this joint cos it's the jam
I even turn it out in Amsterdam
Cos my funk comes strong like under arms
I turn it out 4 my homies representin' on FAWM
I know it's hot
U know it 2
So get on the floor and do what you do


I got grooves like the 1s on your LPs
And even your CDs and the codex in your MP3s
Got traces of my DNA it's like that
Cos I rock from Brazil 2 the USA
Bringing the noise and vibe that's hot
U'll B pressed 2 get wet, I'll bet from my set,
Gettin' chills from the afterglow when I jet
Mr. Party breakin' all the rules
The beat of this jam steady flowin' the fuel
2 get U up so U'll get down
So shake yo rump - yeah shake it around


Who's the man with the pulse on the dance floor
Cause U 2 groove more when the sonic hits the sweet of your ear core
Rockin' like time and space don't exist
Cos the brother bringing heat 2 this jam has no off-switch
Continuum swings like a pendulum
Making U dizzy cos U've no equilibrium
Yeah, it gets crazy, but the night ain't through
So go ahead and do U

FAWM call outs

Guitar solo

2020 The Jelly Factory!

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This feels like going to a party with the best DJ. The way all the elements are blended together really works. Fun vocals, rhyming, awesome guitar solo, sweet sax. And that "Disco Dazz" sample took me back!
I still see Ankari on Twitter, still making music, would probably get a kick out of hearing this done.
Oh, and thanks for the name check!

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Oh my!
What a fabulous thing to wake up to. And your liner notes made my cheeks a little damp.
Craig, I was the nervous one! You were FAWM royalty (and you still are). I couldn't believe you wanted to work with the noisy newcomer and was scared you'd hate what I did to your music!

I value your friendship so so much!

And I'm so glad we're both still on this ball of rock, still kicking butt!

Brother in music. Smile

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Wowzers - you guys really are a collab dream team. Genuine triple threat: killer groove, brings ALL the funk, and totally rocks out.

Keep on kicking butt, both of you.

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ooh that is pumping! phwoar to that guitar solo. the fawm callouts are inspired. the extra vocals are awesome - so is the sax... and the overall funkiness really does rock this joint

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Holy moly. This is SO good. A party for my ears. Great lyrics, vocals, sax, and yes -- @Dragondreams does indeed shred like Szechuan chicken!

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This is my favorite so far! That is truly funkified! I'd buy that one! Well done everyone.

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Great Groove, and was that from Under The Cherry Moon at the start? A pity that movie bombed at the box office.