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Liner Notes: 

A tune I had written earlier in the month of August. I was looking to do a kind of Michael MacDonald vibe.

How I did it:
Recorded using Studio One 3
MIDI controller for virtual instruments: Bass, Rhodes, organ
Drum programming: vital drums


Root note: D
Tempo: 93 BPM

Come let me take U with me
Some place where we can B free
To ease our minds with wine and dine
On fine cuisine

Let's dance all night 2 the band
Let's walk the beach holding hands
Under the moon and stars
And wish this moment won't end
Let's do this baby
C'mon let's getaway

2 B with U is so nice
And I don't have 2 think twice
About just taking time
4 us 2 getaway

Maybe we could take a cruise
2 any spot that we choose
It doesn't matter where
As long as I'm with U
Let's get lost, baby
C'mon let's get away


Let's take a day off from work
And park all day on the couch
We'll binge whatever's good
2 pass the time away

We could just stroll through the park
Or feed the ducks by the lake
It doesn't matter really
I'm just close 2 U
Let's both be lazy
Let's just get away

No matter where we might go
No matter what we might do
It's alright spending time
Just to be with U

This is the life that we got
And U're the one that I want
Until the end of time
With the 1 I love
2 some it's crazy
Our love won't fade away


Come let me take U with me
Together on life's journey
Oh what the day may bring
And oh the things we'll find

No matter where we might go
No matter what we might do
It doesn't matter
Just as long as I'm with U
It's just us baby
Come on let's get away...

2020 The Jelly Factory!

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Still a zong? No excuse for that!
I listen to a lot of funk/soul music - it's my main jam for workouts these days. And you always nail that sound expertly.
I love all the suggestions for getting away - so important these days.
Electric piano - can't go wrong with that. Classic sound.

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Perfectly groovy, infectiously funky, full-on Stevie Wonder vibe here. Love the electric piano sound. At 2:40 I was like "that was way too short" and then "yass" – cute little break. Still too short though.

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Sweet lyrics and a funky, soulful track--can't go wrong there. Smooth vocals, nice harmonies, and the little bits of scat are great. The false ending and the electric piano are tops!

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Great song. You certainly got that Michael MacDonald vibe and more. Such great piano and vocal.