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Liner Notes: 

I was a relative newbie in the FAWM community. I was just in awe at all of the talented people. And as many can attest, it can be pretty intimidating at first. However, everyone was so kind and supportive. Fitting in was pretty easy to do. There was a supergroup of ladies who called themselves The High Fructose Corn Syrup Girls. I would check out their demos and really enjoyed what they were doing. I sat down one evening and wrote a song called ABCs. I was so afraid to ask if they would even consider recording it. I talked to Nancy about it and I believe I sent her a snippet of it (the track itself was not complete) and she liked it, but I don't think anything came of it. Well, I wanted to revisit it again and here it is. I like the rawness of it and it gives a good sketch of where the song could go. I had to resist not trying to "overproduce" it because truthfully that's what I wanted to do. I kept trying to figure out how to get the girls back or get others involved but that was just too daunting of a task. Besides, I had Nancy at the front and center and for me that was more than enough. And I'm going to also say that she puts some harmonies together that I'm just jealous over. But...that's why she's the teacher and I am the student.

How I did it:
Originally recorded using Acid Pro 6
Mixed and mastered using Studio One 3 with Abbey Road plugins
CTS - Drum programming, Virtual instruments (bass and keys), backing vocals
Nancy - Vocals and backing vocals.



A is 4 attraction - c'mon u know u like us
B is 4 the best - that's us - so get excited
C is 4 the cool we know u do not have
D is cuz we're divas - oh yes - we like 2 brag

Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh disco! (2x)

E is 4 elated that we're back 2 sweeten FAWM
F is 4 the fun we have (til the break of dawn)
G is 4 Godiva - wait a minute, that's not my horse
H is 4 Helen's evil twin - Really? - Of course!


Jazzin/operetic playing around
Hip hop cadence

I is 4 the intellect that all the boys lack
J is 4 the Johns who think they do (but don't know Jack)
K is 4 the kitchen where we're serving up confections
L is 4 our love and deep affection (mmmuahh!)

M is 4 the many boys who always want 2 kiss us
N is the nifty gifts they give because they miss us
Oh c'mon don't be like that and try and diss us
P is 4 the punks out there who think they can mistreat us

High fructose corn syrup girls
We're here 2 rock your world
With sweets and treats and beats and other candy-coated swirls
We're high in calories but rock like Valerie (Cox)
We're so damn hot we're cool just like a midday summer breeze

Quite your tyring - there's no denying - HFCG is electrifying
Remember the name - hate the game - but we're all so cute just the same
So settle down - take a seat - High Fructose's got the sonic treat
To make u rock - 2 make u roll
U know that we've got awesome soul

V 4 vibrant? - Hell's yes!
We swagger just like Mae West
X rated? No!
Y not sing along and turn our
Zong into a song

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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"We're baaaaack.." Haha, the self-assured, in-yer-face hyperconfident tone of this is a delight and has got me chuckling. And it's totally justified, of course. The end result comes across like a heavier version of the Tom Tom Club and Lynn Goldsmith (a.k.a. Will Powers) and I love it!

Consider yourselves de-zonged!

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How fun! I haven't been around long enough to have known the HFCS Girls, but I'm glad this finally came to fruition. Great old-school beat, with lots of playful touches throughout. Both of you are awesome!