Corvid-20 (Raven On) [FT]

Corvid-20 (Raven On) [FT]

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Liner Notes: 

This will eventually have a full video. They're ravens, but....dancing crow girls, snow crows, raven roll ups, ooohhhh it'll be good. Leave your name for the finished product (probably Christmas!!)

Corvid-20 was written in isolation one mile high at Falls Creek, Victoria, where we were stuck from late March to early June, not able to get home because of lockdowns and closed borders. We made friends with the alpine ravens, and their sidekicks the Mountain Lowries (Crimson Rosellas). Didn't set the lyric at the time. But at the 5090 deathknock I've discovered I DID rough out one accompaniment on 12 July for 5090! So I can put it up and not forget again! But this is a very rough rough! Also, I'm sure I'm self plagiarisng, I think a song I did a couple of years ago with?@Stephen Wordsmith?

Work in progress. As is any raven's meal.


Words & Music Copyright © 2020 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS

Hey Lockdown Larry! Your life isn't empty!
Forget coronavirus, I'm CORVID-20!
There's nineteen more of me around,
And we think we need to liven up this town!
And if we do, it's YOUR sanity we're savin'
'Cos after all, it's US who's Raven!

So sit right back and don't stone the crows!
We'll be your entertainers, however it goes.
We'll help you see things differENTly,
You'll be in a flap with Corvid-20!
That's right! Sit back! Enjoy the show with Corvid 20

Those currawongs and magpies? Hey! Not enough!
What YOU need is somebody tough!
We clean up carrion! Better believe us!
So we won't spread disease if you care to feed us.
And we could go on like this forever
"Cos as you know, Corvids are clever.


I know we get a bad press. Fair enough.
The press obsessed with road pizza and other stuff
Just can't seem to find another way to go
And I guess the blame goes back to Edgar Allen Poe
But hey! for you there's fun and games in store
And no stage will I quoth the dark word "nevermore" (oops)


But if the virus gets you and you do keel over,
You'll be glad to know, we'll still be in clover!
You'll be glad to know, as you go from this mess,
That you'll leave us Corvids happy, more or less.
As your soul wings away, heaven bound,
The rest of you will make the corvid world go round!

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Somewhat nightmarish to be swarmed by corvids but yeah... funny stuff!

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I could hear this in a stage show in years to come as we look back at this time. Very cleverly written.

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Corvids are without exception fabulous birds and highly intelligent, so I bet they'd love the chance to sing / caw / croak along to this. Huge fun.

But of course not being from the Antipodes, I had to Google "currawong" to find out what it was. What a magnificent creature. I've just been watching a video of one singing to some people on YouTube!

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This has completely made my day. Brilliant lyrics. And what a lockdown story! (I also learned the word currawong today!)

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Engaging bouncy number, Tim. However, I tend to admire ravens from a distance. The avians give me the creeps every time. Every. Time.

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The lesser known Alfred Hitchcock flick. Self-plagiarism is encouraged. If I was worried not to repeat myself, I'd never write two chords. And if there's an idea there, it could be worth refining, hey? "oops!" Haha. Yes, dancing girls it does need dancing girls. This is like a full broadway show in production. Or maybe Las Vegas? Flashy, no matter which.