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Liner Notes: 

Recorded after work today, this one's quite different. It started with drums care of HG Fortune's wonderful Percumat 2 VSTi. Then I just started building loops with the guitar. Things got really wild when I hit my DigiTech Grunge pedal. I really like the results.

The name is a play on the drum preset from the Percumat 2. The preset is called "Don't Look Back"; so "Rearview" was somewhat àpropos…

See You In The Shadows…

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Yup I think last demo not playing just my internet, this one giving me issues too I'll just have to come back later tonight Smile 9pm on a Friday night........everybody wants the internet apparently Biggrin

really digging that percussion line, and yeah it cut out right when it did start getting good and wild about the 3min mark hahaha

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The janlgly guitar reminds me a lot of what the latter works of The Beatles and pretty much the psychedelic area of the 60s. Pretty cool and I'm going to check out that drum VSTi you mentioned.

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The increase of guitar sounds and layers have a nice build to them.