Part 1 (Australian Version) [no vocals]

Part 1 (Australian Version) [no vocals]





Liner Notes: 

BandCamp direct:

Yes, hear Tim's pianoed version, -- on this intergalactic Kat-ride.

I heard it in my head, into our other track, so to speak (his track),
--heard it in my head with this, and then mixed it, IRL! Smile

Tim's original track:

Basically 90% left as-is... and was a drop in, but had time to fiddle, so I guitarded instead Smile

This is what it's like in my head, -- hearing things into and out of... music.

And, it worked! Well, if not to critical, -- jah, it works. Weird aye! Could it be a group influence of sonic penetration into the hinter-fabricked-skin of a Sonic Cat Journey... who knows, who knows... gone, gone, gone...


Ohhh, baby, -- uh, none this version.

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Oh my, that cat is getting a lot of mileage. The piano & guitar work spectacularlly well together. This is another great chapter in that intergalactic feline voyage.

See You In The Shadows…

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Really great piano and guitar sounds in this, has the feel of the end credits of a film or a reflective moment.