Revolving Door

Revolving Door

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Revolving Door

Liner Notes: 

I'm doing the second year Bachelor of Music at VU. At uni this semester, our teachers have decided that for every block (every four weeks of content) in this semester, there will be a new ensemble rather than sticking with one ensemble for a semester.
At the start of a new block, a teacher cuts up names and draws them randomly from a hat, assigning us to our ensembles.
This song is about the feeling of not having a lot of time to faff about with our groups, and working with others at random.

The guitar and bass were recorded on my Steinberg interface. The piano, drums and organ were virtual instruments on Mixcraft 8. The vocals were done on my Android phone.

The closing message is spoken by Microsoft Sam. It's from a Facebook post made by my uni friend in a humour group.


Welcome to this merry go round
Dozens of musicians to go around
Four weeks of working out a song
And then we rotate, it's not that long

Cut up names and pull them from a hat
Randomness, haphazardness, this and that
Communication is remotely where it's at

Aren't we all just pawns in this game?
Don't expect me to remember your names
So many deadlines, how many places
I doubt I can remember your faces

When our time is up, you can vanish
Back into an endless sea of people
The new boss is the same as the old
Out of pure chance, the dice is rolled

And when the day is done
One door closes, another opens

"We're sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this message about interrupting your regularly scheduled programming. Sorry for the interruption, we will now return you to your regularly scheduled program. Thank you for your patience."

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Really good chord progression - definite prog feel. Good idea going with the synth voice at the end of the lyrics.