Dodgy Geezer

Dodgy Geezer

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Liner Notes: 

I tried to find a recording of George Cole's most famous line from Minder (as included in the tags), but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Edit (October 3rd): As you may have seen in my live stream show, I really wasn't happy with the mix on this one at all. A lot of it was because I hadn't paid enough attention to the reverb. I hadn't eq'd the input signal to remove the low end, for one thing. In the end I've ditched Protoverb in favour of Ableton's own reverb, which allowed me to get the predelay working properly in time with the drums. I also changed the drums for a kit played with brushes, which is much more in character with the song than the enormous prog metal kit I had been using. I kept noticing other things I needed to fix, too - but seven remixes later I think I have *finally* wrestled this one into a shape I'm happy with.

Another edit (October 5th): After a bit of detective work (and I'm not going to lie, a bit of online shopping) the song now features the George Cole line that it was always intended to have: Arthur Daley's classic line from the Minder episode "Rocky Eight-and-a-half".


They seek him here
They seek him there
I know it's such a cliché but
they seek him everywhere

Every dodgy geezer has a heart of gold, they say
But if they did, the underworld would quickly fade away
You've got to watch your cash
He'll have it in a flash

He's not the boss
He's not even third
He didn't "take a break in Spain"
'cause he was doing bird

Always pays his debts
Believes "that's what you do"
Thinks that he is loved
But he's a villain, through and through

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What a happy and bouncy sound delivering dark and heavy lyrics. Contrast for the win!

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There's more than a little 70s Copy Show Theme about this, which of course, is perfect. There's also something about it - the lead guitar sound, perhaps; the cheese-tastic organ sound, definitely - that conjures smoke filled clubs with red velvet curtains, bored dancers and lots of dodgy geezers.
It's really a masterpiece of evocation.

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Ah, yes. I had to listen to this again after yesterday's show.

I really do enjoy the vocals. They're so... mischievous and delivered with such I-know-what-I'm-talking-about attitude that you just can't help but listen.

How goes the quote hunting? The world is your anchovies pizza.

That lead guitar knows what's up. It sprinkles the whole track with that "you're gonna be in trouble" spice.