Night Blue

Night Blue

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Liner Notes: 

Thanks so much to Tim Fatchen for agreeing to play on this one and then delivering that beautiful piano track, although he had so much on his plate.
I'm happy with how this turned out, even though I cut short on arrangement ideas. The breakbeat and noise guitar will have to wait.


La da dee la dee da

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I know you two - somehow you'd make breakbeat and noise guitar fit into this seamlessly (probably at the end of Tim's piano break?) But in its present form this is sublime. It has a lilting, unhurried quality that is perfect listening for a Sunday afternoon (as it is here). Simply gorgeous.

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Ah, let me just close my eyes for this.

It feels to me like one of those evenings, you go to a bar and then start to feel tired and everything around stops feeling real. The sound of the crowd is deafening, but at the same time not really there. You're like a plastic bottle cap floating on ocean. You see things happening, but you're more just holding your head up. Wondering whether it's time to go home.

And finally, left with a feeling... did I really accomplish anything tonight?

The performance is enchanting. The vocals, the brushes, the combo of that mellow guitar and somehow even mellowed piano. You did it!