Whinge of Song

Whinge of Song

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Liner Notes: 

"Which of these free virtual choirs shall I use?"

"How about all of them?


The guitar solo was done in one take and - amazingly for me - was the first and only take. And after I'd added the solo (played on a G&L S-500 through a Zoom G3 and a Mooer "Ocean Machine" delay/reverb/delay pedal) I decided this didn't really need anything else doing to it, so here it is.

Edit (4th October): This was another track where I wasn't entirely happy with things. The high voices in the Sonatina choir were *too* high, and didn't sound convincing, so I went back and changed the chordal voicing. The Release settings on many of the VSTs were set too aggressively. So I've gone back to this one and rebuilt it with different effects chains, taken more care in the expression and dynamics parameters, and radically remixed it. Sounds much better now.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very nice. Dig the sounds and rhythmic beat and the choir like sound effects, maybe chanting? if those are even the right words which give this an ethereal feel, magnifying and powerful.

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Congrats on the one take. I find with my vocals that the best take will be when I can do it in one take. Either it’s working or it isn’t and mostly why I’ve moved away from vocals because they’re so unpredictable. Love the beat, of course. Smile

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This one as well. Lovely. It just needs like an electronic 90s beat to be a perfect Enigma track. Biggrin

The lead guitar tone is creamy. Not the band, the produce. Very nicely done. Spot on job.

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I love a pun for a title Smile Wow, the choir has just begun. It's like being in a church that's also a nightclub. The guitar is very subtle and warm.