A Love an Ocean Deep

A Love an Ocean Deep

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Liner Notes: 

The penultimate song of my first 50/90!
Another sad song of love and loss. I'm not really melancholy, as many of my words would suggest; this is all fiction, really.


A Love an Ocean Deep

Verse 1
Under skies of faded denim, on seas of sparkling green
Our little sailboat brought us here, from where it was we’d been
Its logbook tells the story, of how we’ve travelled far
To get from who it was we were and into who we are

Verse 2
Now the boat has lost its way, and on the rocks is tossed
One moment you were with me, and then we both were lost
I don’t know why I couldn’t see we were near the end
I couldn’t face the truth at first, I hoped that it would mend

We fell in love one summer
Held hands and took the leap
Into a life of endless wonder
And a love an ocean deep

Verse 3
The thought of life without you is just so hard to bear
For as long as I remember, I’d turn and you’d be there
Now I travel down a lonely road, on every hill and bend
I miss your step beside me, my lover and best friend

Repeat Chorus

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Sometimes it's easier to write the melancholy songs when it's just imagined and not at the forefront of your reality! Solid lyrical construction and imagery.