Existential crisis

Existential crisis

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Liner Notes: 

Sadly doing stuff so no music
Saw the prompt and put some words down. More for fun than anything serious.


An existential crisis

I have an existential crisis
I wonder is he real
I’m not that spiritual
But there’s something that I feel

People often tell me
People always say
If you just believe
You’ll have a better day

But I’ve never seen him
No matter how I’ve tried
So is he really real
If not confirmed with my eyes

I suppose I could use blind faith
But my brains to scientific
Although the fables about him
All seem so terrific

Given no one knows
It’s all just banter
I’m having an existential crisis
Is there really a Santa?

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What? Of COURSE there's a Santa!

This is lovely - the lyrics led me and my assumptions down an entirely different path (and I'm sure that was exactly what you intended) before pulling the rug out from under my feet with the punchline. Brilliantly done, and hilarious to boot!

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You have to ask that question? Sheesh... I like the set up and the delivery.

arr finaly i can get in! Oh ho very good one there better be a santa nice skirmish

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Ha ha! I did not anticipate where this was going and it was all feeling very metaphysical and profound and then it resolved so wonderfully with the question many of us have wrestled with... and luckily, I have found the answer... worry no more ... YES