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Liner Notes: 

What's the tag for "It took me less than half an hour to write this song, but WAY too long to record it and I'm still not happy with it"? I want to keep tweaking the words. I am entirely unhappy with "But my pain is receding/And I can’t stop thinking". And why do I always write such challenging melodies to sing??? UGH

If you know me, you are well aware of my obsession, nay borderline addiction, to open D tuning. I have to consciously chose to only do one song in open D during any given challenge. It's just so damn yummy...


I saw you across the room
And it might be cliché
But I wanted to tell you
I needed to tell you
My heart skipped a beat that day

I knew right then I needed you
Your smoky eyes, dark wavy hair
My defenses fell
Common sense as well
I knew no one could compare

Oh my hideaway is in your arms
I cannot resist your many charms

Let’s sneak away
Let’s run away
To where no one knows us
To where we’re enough
To where no one cares if we go or stay
My hideaway
My hideaway

There’s so very much at stake
What we’re doing isn’t right
But my pain is receding
And I can’t stop thinking
About you every night

I know that you make me feel alright
You make me smile, you make me sigh
I melt to the floor
And I beg for more
Whenever you and I collide

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Eh, you can always tweak later - this has good bones, and I'm all for the warmth of that guitar tuning, makes this relationship sound inevitable and right.

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big fan of open D myself and well pretty much any tuning that's not standard, but eh I guess it has its place too Biggrin

This is an excellent write skirmish or not, and yeah that's a super tough and deceptively tricky melody!!! especially compared with that rhythm, might come out easier on some keys, but I like it guitar/vocal....I think it works nicely! I commend you for even attempting it! hahah I wouldn't Biggrin I think you nailed it quite well, especially for a quick job just coming out of writing it...........yup there's always time for more takes later Biggrin The beauty of fawm 50/90 we all know what a first/second take sounds like, and I doubt many of us here are all that worried about the quality of the recording, I mean it even says so right above the comment box Biggrin I for one find any "flaws" quite endearing always have/always will........ it's too easy to stomp the life out of something striving for "perfection" there's very few extra polished/rehearsed recordings I'm a fan of, but of course as with everything ......opinions and assholes Smile hmmmmm think I just stumbled and type rambled myself upon prompt for next skirmish hahaha, but yeah excellent tune! listened a couple times while typing all this drivel Wink