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Liner Notes: 

Improvised lyrics.


I can tell by the way that you walk and you talk
That you're caught in between a hard place and a rock
You're the kind that's one of my kind
And life can be unkind to our kind
Do you need a place, do you need a place, do you need a place
To hide, to hide away?

When the sands that are shifting are shifting you out
And the hourglass sifting and sifting the doubt
Pouring down
Pouring down like a dry rain
Do you need a place
To hide, to hide away?

I got a decoder ring for your eyes
I think you read me, I think you read mine
There's atmosphere up here
The atmosphere is thin up here
But there's a place to be
Hide away, hide away, hide away

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This is a lot of fun with just a touch of quirky(I think all keyboard works does that too me, much like ukelele I can't help but love it and smile) I love this! really dig the quick verse delivery and the hiiiiiiiiiiiiiideaway hook and vocal delivery!
Great stuff!

yup very quirky keyboards and the vocals match up nicely. i like the hide hide hide away!

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The fastly-moving piano part is interesting and I’m almost getting a latin sensibility that’s really cool. Reminds me of the Chick Corea/Flora Purim tracks I used to listen to. Excellent improv work and skirmish!

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Well, I'm not going to be able to resist something tagged "wall of keyboards", am I? I like the drive that the fast electric piano gives to this - so effective that it took me most of the song to notice that there aren't any drums, only the second track I've listened to this summer that's managed that!

Love the lyrics - the torrent of different uses of the word "kind" is really well done and "I got a decoder ring for your eyes" is a gem that's instantly understandable and really off the wall at the same time; that's something that's going to go in and stick.

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I love the fast-moving keyboard lines on this one! This is a really enjoyable listen, great work!