Hidey Hole

Hidey Hole

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Liner Notes: 

Well I got off the couch but didn't go far Biggrin


Come on down
Spend a little time here
In my hidey hole

Come on down
Weathers always fine here
In my hidey hole

Come on down
Worries cant follow here
In my hidey hole

......or what they should of been anyway :D can't vouch for what came out hahah

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I like how you've used the term "Hidey hole".

the repetitive hidey hole against the urgent music gives an interesting mix. Good skirmish! you may be able to hire that couch out soon - its written so many songs

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Wild effects all over the place, very interesting wall of sound. I like how you bring some acoustic guitar into the mix. Cool title, good skirmish.

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This is great! Nicely weird and dark and just the right amount off kilter. I like the acoustic sneaking in there. Adds a nice contrast.
I'll hang out with you in your hidey hole anytime!

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Great distortion in this kind of sorrowful chord progression and the acoustic joining the game is very fitting!. I like the reverse feel here very much! Yup, this is right up my alley!

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Ahhhh, backwards fuzz guitar: my happy place.

This is unsettling and the distorted mix is almost overwhelming. As an artistic choice it works well because it's in entertaining opposition to the lyrics, but my mix engineer fingers were twitching because I kept wanting to try and clean things up (recording the vocals less hot, compressing the distorted guitars and moving them further back in the mix, bringing the acoustic forwards and giving it a bit more top end to add sparkle, maybe a bit of chorus, too - sorry, I'll shut up.) This was a weird listen, but in a good way.

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Amidst the distortion there is a sense of calm and peace with the lyrics and the warm sounds work well for this.