Secret Song

Secret Song

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Liner Notes: 

i was hoping to do really well at 50/90 this year and then basically had a mental breakdown right at the start of july, basically gave up on music altogether and have only really had the energy to put together this one song yesterday and today. still a few days left tho...


I love your mixed messages
They keep me on my feet, keep dancing
See when we’re dancing there’s no second guessing
There’s no motivation in a moment in time

And then you tell me you don’t wanna know me
Yeah, keep dreaming
Early morning when you are exploding
Like a supernova, I wanna know you
And I don’t need you to be constantly reminding me
I’m sorta aware that I fucked up, I’m a fuck up
And all that I am is a cloverfield
Full of three leaf clover
Bubba, I am the air that you breathe

I will follow you blindly
No matter where you lead me
I will sing to you sweetly
Keep you peaceful

I am in love with your eccentricities
I could sink deep into your mind
And I feel it when I feel your fingertips
It’s like you’re talking to me
And I swear that I am not fucking stupid
I see you, I got you, I’m yours
But it’s out of my hands
I am a vessel who speaks when they’re spoken to
And has no dog in any fight

But I will follow you blindly
No matter where you lead me
I will sing to you sweetly
Keep you peaceful
Make things a little easier in your life

I am sure that I am one step ahead of you
And I carry you when you see one set of footprints
Sometimes I think you’re a dumb fucking idiot
Given, fucking…the things that you say to me
So I don’t know why I get so mixed up
I get so emotional
When really all that you are
Is the best bad-lookin’ thing that ever happened to me
But somehow you know it and it bugs me

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I like it. It's sort of got an out of step feel. Like how the lyrics for Boy In The Bubble by Paul Simon are a bit free form but totally fit anyway, that's sort of what you feel like here with how you fit this together. It's not easily done, i suspect, but you've made it sound easy.

Nice work, it sounds like it was pretty cathartic. The actual music is interesting as well. A deceptively simple beat and a repetitive sounding chord structure, and yet the harmony and the actual chords also have that curious otherworld feel, not wrong, but just not what you usually hear, despite the cues telling us there's nothing unusual going on. Interesting effect.

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Like it. The mixed messages that keeping us on our feet.

Sounds like an interesting person, this object of attention. Supernovas are dangerous, though, I heard.

I like this picture of a relationship between two unreliable people.

Oh, and that's a pretty groovy bassline. I wonder if that's your main instrument?

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Took less than a minute for me to say to myself "I'm watchlisting this guy." Lyrics strike a chord (in a "head for minimum safe distance, NOW" kind of way) and the not-holding-anything-back, relaxed authorial tone suits the arrangement down to the ground. Production is perfect for the song. This is excellent.