Carathis' Dozen Slaves

Carathis' Dozen Slaves

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Liner Notes: 

I seem to be following a pattern today: record a song; do some work around the house; record a song; do some work around the house; record a song; do some… well, you get the idea.

So this is partly inspired by the great gothic novel Vathek by William Beckford. Carathis is the evil sorceress-mother of the Caliph (the caliph being the name-sake of the book) who pretty much orders her son to sell his soul to evil in order to win the "treasures of the pre-Adamite Sultans" (which of course is just a lure used by the demon tempting the Caliph).

Like my other songs from today, this is just HG Fortune's Astral Dreamer VSTi & my Strat (looped a few times via the Mobius VST) live-to-tape. Another song using the "Standard Candle M.O."

I guess I have to go clean the bathroom now… We'll see if I come back for more after that Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

Gear List
Fender Deluxe Stratocaster
Purple Jim Dunlop 0.96mm Plectorum
DigiTech Grunge Pedal
Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface
Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller
Candle's "Live" Jeskola Buzz Setup

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Man you managed to have quite the busy day!
I especially loved once this got kicked into full blast after around the 3min mark! with that bassline, and what I could only describe as a bunch of musical tin cans getting drug down a bumpy road hahah.... and when that overdriven bit kicks in hahaha, yeah I'm gonna sleep listening to this one and the other ones of yours I've already downloaded....... and don't take that the wrong way, I tend to like it loud and a bit nutty when I sleep too, it actually helps go to sleep if I'm listening to something pretty complex, not so many drifting thoughts, but yeah I'll let ya know how that works out for me! hahah.

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The clean sounds of the guitars stand out as they ring over each other and give this some nice movement.