My Road Ahead

My Road Ahead

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Liner Notes: 

Part of a skirmish - Road Ahead


My Road Ahead

Look at the twists and turns
I know I have to prepare
Because if I stay in one place too long
That's when I find I cease to care

Look at the steep inclines
I have to take the right path
Because if I lose the drive in my life
Then I can't be happy or laugh

My road ahead
has to be a challenge
has to be a journey worthwhile
And my road ahead
has to be a struggle
has to be a test on my mind
Else you know, I shouldn't go

Look at the bumps and cracks
I won't find this a smooth ride
Because if I don't look after myself
That's when my strong will won't survive

(repeat chorus)

Step by step I'll get there
Step by step up those stairs
Step by step pain to bear
Step by step yes I dare

(repeat chorus)

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Very strong lyric. Calling it how it is. Very good take on the prompt. Fine skirmish

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I really like this part: "I won't find this a smooth ride
Because if I don't look after myself
That's when my strong will won't survive"

and then how you go into taking baby steps. This is really cool.

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I like the way you note that the way forward is not an easy ride. You then set out how you'll do it, step by step. A perfect lyric for the prompt.

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I love the insight you convey and the optimism that you can grow, learn, and navigate the twists, turns, and inclines with tenacity and courage. The bridge is great and empowering! Well done!

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Great skirmishing and excellent message! I especially love the bridge. “Step by step yes I dare” - awesome!

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I like your take on the prompt, and agree that the road ahead should be challenging, it will be more fulfilling that way. Good skirmish!

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Nice rhythm through this - I like how that last line of the chorus gives it a slightly different momentum. And very relatable sentiment!