The Warrior Caste

The Warrior Caste

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt: knight

The lead guitar part fell apart, but I just left it as is. Mostly for time reasons, but I think it also highlights the instability of the narrator


I ride out, on whatever I can find, a steed of flesh or steel, a truck or bike
But most times, it’s just my own two feet

I will fight for those who suffer the most, like Sean Hannity or Colin Jost
I defend the honor of my friends from TV on the street

‘Cause I’m just like the knights of renown.
I have a duty to perform in this infidel town
And I’ll do it by shouting at you about how you’re so wrong

I should belong to that ruling class, and not have to pay taxes or wear a mask
That’s for peasants, pencil-pushers, and such all

And my dream was to get a job on the force, though I never was selected or applied of course
It would be tough, given my history with the law

But I still do my part, I wear their symbol there on my heart
A black and blue flag that says they can do anything at all

I’ve got an old gun that probably still works, I carry it sometimes under my shirt
And it makes me feel about a hundred feet tall

One day, they’re going to accept me into their brotherhood of men
And we’ll ride through town striking down the dark forces and never be scared again

I’m going to bide my time until then, drinking turpentine and talking to my friends
Steve and Brian and Ainsley, Tucker and of course Janine

And riding out to fight as I can, I’m a knight for law and order, a servant of the man
And when we come in our glory it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever seen

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Cool guitar throughout. The lyrics are very bitingly caustic and have a lot of depth. The last two lines are pretty frightening,

Love the atmosphere of this! Very uplifting and quality songcraft! Liking the theme of the fun and games as well as the light hearted take on the characters experiences. Works well! Cool!

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Great guitar riff throughout this. The delay really adds to the rhythm. The lyrics are intriguing and the delivery is spot on I am not sure if I should be happy or scared to see this knight on the streets keeping law and order??

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This a really strong song.. the flow and music is gorgeous to listen to and the details in the words have an edginess and vulnerability that feels fresh, raw, and honest. I like the nuanced details and references that draw me in to what feels current and compelling amid language that spans historical references appropriate to the prompt. Well done!

Excellent guitar and a very complete lyric and song for a skirmish. Very nice this!

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Great title. The "play with delay" echo guitar is lovely (I find it deeply unfair that The Edge has basically conscipted the technique and everyone else who uses it gets told that they sound like him.) Fun lyrics that take the idea of the knight-errant and transplant him into modern times. I was going to suggest that perhaps we could do with a few people like him around, but then remembered various news stories from the past four years and realise that it probably wouldn't turn out that great...