Schrodinger's Stuffed Kitty Rides the Intergalactic Space Elkalope While Checking Into the Infinity Hotel pt. III

Schrodinger's Stuffed Kitty Rides the Intergalactic Space Elkalope While Checking Into the Infinity Hotel pt. III

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Liner Notes: 

Still using ustaknow's guitar part reversed and as it was and lots of other finagling with it, added some more reversy guitar parts and others of my own dropped original guitar/buzz track out as it was getting a bit too much even for me Smile , I kind of lost track what's what and where's where after the first hour or so Biggrin

No kitties were harmed in the making of this noisescape Biggrin


Hark said the raven
As the kitty made his return
But return to where?

So ends the adventure
Of space pussy in boots

Or is it about to begin
Or did it ever even start
In the first place

Pussy in Space

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Well, it turns out fascinating. i should start playing with my DAWs (at last count, eight of them) instead of with my instruments. Seriously, would make a good underscore for a host of things. Nightmares, space, mitosis (or the more sexy bits for meiosis), chaos theory, mudslides, there's an underlying sadness about it which I'm not quite sure how that gets there but appreciate.. Bit of a shock as the voice cuts in, mind you. And then back to the chaotic. Guitars sound huge, great. Amazing. Almost bagpipes before that long last chord. BTW a less abrupt cutoff at the end please. Let the fadeout on the DAW linger or alternatively fade the last 2 seconds of the existing track out!

Wow dude... now that's gonna make a lotta pussy happy and you know what that means... stock up on milk! Wink Smile -- so, was it Jimmy or his Engineer that was the real talent! Chicken/Egg, Kat/Boxe... pussy/kat... (to far? Wink ... nahh, it's "rock 'n rolle) -- Yes, so wav file this too, to BC. Smile

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Oh this is just lovely.

Now I need to sit back & listen to all three parts back-to-back-to-back to enjoy & experiænce the entire effect of the piece.

I'm getting lost in the rolling waves of wonderful distortion & fuzz. The guitars are simply wonderful, especially the lead bits. This would go well with some psychedelic 3d fractal video morphing through images of deep space - or some such "artsy" video project.

Your delivery of "Pussy in Space" reminds me of "Pigs in space" from the Muppet show, Lol

I have to say, I'm kinda sad that this opus of songs might be at an end. I hope not, but if they are, I can certainly understand & enjoyed every moment.

See You In The Shadows…

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Nice one, the slow reverse guitar sounds work really well to give this third version it's own touch.