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Liner Notes: 

The sugardaddy's promise to his Princess.

Craig @cts was interested in trying something so I sent this across. They're his vocals and vocal production. They rolled beautifully over the piano so I kept that. Craig was going to try some more backing so there may be another version alter: I'm putting this up now so it gets up (I'm getting pressed as well as de-pressed!)

Instruments: Privia PX-350 piano, Cimar Lawsuit j-bass, tam as tam, tam as drum, cigarbox guitar with reverb. Consecutive one-shot recordings except for the bass which took 16 shots and I now have right-hand fingertip blisters.


Words & Music Copyright © 2020 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS
isrc AU-NEY-20-00052

Hey honey, what we'll do today?
Find some lives to blow away
Honey, money, that's what does!
No-one dares to mess with us!

Daddy's princess can't be wrong,
Daddy's money makes you strong
Anyone gets in your way,
Hey, we'll ruin their lives today!

Honey, you're my sweetie, my everlasting love,
Anyone who crosses you, just give them a shove
An argument? well, hey! just throw that outta sight
You're the only one who could possibly be right

They're not doing what you say?
Hey, we'll blow their lives away!
They're not doing your desire?
Hey, we'll roast them in our fire!

They're not bowing down for you?
Take their knees off, what we'll do!
They won't let you walk on them?
We'll drive a roller over them!

I got the money, lots of it, and a hundred lawyers on song
Doesn't matter what you do or say, you can't be wrong
Anyone who tries to fight, we'll just sue them outta sight
You're the only one who could possibly be right!

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Music hall feel to this-- a fun departure from usual style for CTS and a great groove all around!

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This has such a terrific vaudeville/klezmer crossover energy to it. I can imagine a looping black and white cartoon rolling with this in the background. Love the brisk piano and your voice sounds a little like Danny Elfman's here too, which really suits that animated (in both senses) vibe. Great work.

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@ayeahmur The reference to Danny Elfman's voice is a great compliment but sadly for me, it's Craig (@cts) singing! See how amazing stuff can be when you use a singer who can sing? Biggrin

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That's what collaborations are all about! (I really should have paid more attention, apologies).

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Oh this is just a marvelous collab! some good time smoke filled dance hall music for sure Yeah old black and white cartoon video for this would be a perfect fit in the style of the dancing skeletons one(whatever that's called I'm too lazy to look Smile )

a really foot tapping great listen! Great work you two!

mike skliar's picture

great job both of you! its got a go-for-broke energy and a verve and style all its own! nicely done!!! (and what a great character study, too.. ouch!)

cleanshoes's picture

Oh gosh, this is great. Love that music hall sound. Fun, humorous lyrics, and Craig's vocals have so much personality. I feel like I'm watching this live and he's talking directly to the audience.

IA's picture

It's probably great blessing to have never witnessed real live people like this.

The vocals are like howizer. Such power. And what a delivery.

It all comes across as very playful to me. But has that early 20th century feel to it.

wobbie wobbit's picture

love the music hall/musical feel. could picture it being acted out on stage with the bright lights and i got the money costumes. great combo all round. i can relate to the blisters too!