Schrodinger's Stuffed Kitty Rides the Intergalactic Space Elkalope While Checking Into the Infinity Hotel pt.1

Schrodinger's Stuffed Kitty Rides the Intergalactic Space Elkalope While Checking Into the Infinity Hotel pt.1

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Liner Notes: 

I sent the guitar+buzz backing track for what became part II for @ustaknow, yesterday? day before? anyway he sent me some really great guitar noodles today? yesterday? Biggrin that plugged right in, I tweaked a little bit of panning, but otherwise untouched and decided I should do part one of the kitties adventures Biggrin added some slidey guitar bleeps and bloops and I'm a pretty diehard Dr. Seuss fan, so whatever, lyrics just kinda happened Smile


If you give a mouse a cookie
Then put a hat on a cat
Will they both clean my house?
Where does the dog fit into that?

Thing1 and Thing2
From Pandora's box
They came
I've a cat
And a bomb
See how he likes this game.

Into the box with thee cat
What will the outcome be?
Float away I'll bet
Stupid cat
No regard for gravity

Hotel up ahead
With a vacancy
Now to find the room
That fits this imaginary
Numbered key

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Collapsing the wave function has never sounded so trippy. Are the repetitive bleeps a report on the cat's state of not-dead-ness, perhaps? Worryingly enough, they also sound very much like the self-checkout lanes at my local supermarket...

A fun five minutes of psychedelia with some epic guitars!

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There is no cat. There is no box. There is no uncertainty. There is a fascinating piece of music with a Mickey Spillane voice-over! I'll have to do something with my Pacifica so it sounds like this! (Incidentally, love the happy pic of a satisfied cat! Who told it about the bomb?)

You did a great job with this cody, -- great orchestration. As I listen to it, at about 3:50 thinking... man, some hell fire and brimstone heavy face melting humbucker guitar slams... blood and guts everywhere. Well, sonically speaking. I love the machine sound, and the end, -- a good segue to Pt. 3 Smile hahhh! This is a good one to over do it, 'till it's over done, then reel it back into just prior, hahhh!

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I enjoy the trippy psychedelic sensibility with all the children's books references in the lyrics. Made me a little disoriented, and this is probably a good illustration of why I don't do drugs.

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Nice way to make a new version of this, has some new pieces that change the feel.