It's What Ludwig Would Have Wanted

It's What Ludwig Would Have Wanted

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Liner Notes: 

While I was doing one of my live streams last week I demonstrated how easy it was to radically change instruments if you've recorded your performance as MIDI. I changed the Pendulate bass synth on "One By One" (*45605) into a piano but left Ableton's MIDI arpeggiator in the signal chain. The mad arpeggios sounded like Beethoven, which was far too silly a concept to just leave it at that, so I went back to it today, ditched the drums and the synths, added a string section and a brass section and redid ALL the guitars. Because I could.

Edit (23 Sep): Never mix with tired ears, folks. I was up until 1:45 am or so working on this and I really should have gone to bed. Today I have fresher ears so I've made extensive revisions. I cut a lot out, I removed a compressor that was squashing every last gasp of life out of the brass, and I finally found a piano I was happy with (ironically, it's Ableton's own Sampler "Grand Piano Stretch Mellow" piano...)

Much closer to the original intent now.

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Very cool! Those string arpeggios and pads sound great. Very Beet -ovenish (Bill & Ted reference).

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The combination of the classical vibe and the guitars makes this very proggy sounding. There's yet another song in here somewhere if some space were made for vocals. Love the drop out to horns at the 3 min mark - very effective.

Really effective demonstration of using a revoiced element from a previous song to inspire something new.

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Madness. But enjoyable. Made for TV. Shop it on songtradr!

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wow, this is 'heavy beethoven!' great idea, and well done! love it!

great work! melodic and intense and suitably ludwig-ish!