Weed Fields Burning [Musicated 07 Dec '20]

Weed Fields Burning [Musicated 07 Dec '20]




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This was actually the Text in a comment I made somewhere. Then, realised, it was a "song" Smile hahhh, so, hearjahGo.

A 30 second write... well, maybe, at least a "5 min mourning morning new write right rite"!


Weed Fields Burning (c) 2020 ustaknow ;) hahahahaahaha!

To bad not burning the Weed Fields there,
especially during november rains we will bear
explains all the brain damage, and violence dear
to much smog, smoke, 'n puke, and vape wear

Plagues, feces..., and cafe-la-tay's
Perform like a bad, sci-fi movie [moo vay ;) ]
escape from LA... or is it New York
How does the government, make it all work

Oh I wish I had a precedent, for all I see [not a typo]
One who would dismantle and wrangle, and capable be
To stop the oppression and thought police sea
Where all lives matter, as we came without need

[Face melting music, then maybe a hook line repeat... get it out to the near 4 min mark even?]

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Yeah!!!!!! Fun, dark, and smoky lyric!
Still cracks me up you had to change around about 3 word placements drop a few things out of this to make a really nice song out of it! hahahah
I laughed when I read it initially, but didn't even see it at first Biggrin

makes me "almost" want to go back and re-read some stuff I randomly type from time to time hahah.