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Liner Notes: 

Week 11 Challenge: Games + Nonet Challenge


I've never known how to play this game
but I don't think I should have to
I kind of like the losers
every time it's my turn
I just keep passing
I insist you
go ahead
leave me

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The chord progression is delicious.
I love how you combined the nonet form with the week 11 prompt.

The nature of the 'game' here is delightfully ambiguous.

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Love that descending chord progression. Sweet vocal melody too, and the message is a totally familiar one. Really nice.

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I read the lyrics earlier today and came back to listen. You gave those nice lyrics a fine setting.

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Short and sweet, wonderful sound as usual. The steadily descending feel works super well for this short format!

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A lovely addition to the nonet canon. So very pretty in its melancholy.

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First and foremost this is a beautiful song, beautifully delivered. That image on the song's Soundcloud page is perfect for a song that's wistful and sad in a "So that happened. Oh well" kind of way. So much to empathise with here.

And compositionally I love this - particularly the way in which the nonet structure hides in the song; you have to know that this is a nonet because (unlike my clumsy attempt) the music and lyrics flow so smoothly that you'd never think anything unusual was going on. Thanks for adding to the Nonet Challenge!

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This has a simplicity about it that really stirs my soul. Seriously. You tend to hit certain notes the way Blossom Dearie did. While you're not necessarily doing jazz, your voice sometimes plays in the genre. I dig that. And regarding your subject matter - sometimes I don't mind being the loser either. In a lot of instances it's better that way.

I had to look to see what the nonet challenge was, and was delighted in how cool it is. Prior to looking, though, I just thought it was a short song or something. And was admiring how you made something so moving yet it was only like a minute long. I think your voice and the rhythm and tone of the guitar could probably be applied to just singing the alphabet and it'd be a great listen.
Now that I see what the nonet is all about, I am also impressed with the lyrics. Its cohesive and stays about a specific thing, and comes across as just a song that's way too short and sweet. Like an interlude on an album.

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It's a challenging take, certainly, and the structure means you're going to have to deliver it in the plainest English. You succeeded.

This is the first Nonet song I've heard where the music winds down alongside the lyric - it works perfectly, especially as an echo of the lyrics shift from tell to show - 'leave me be!'. Great job.

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A real sweetie, and a good statement of the limit to competitiveness. I'd actually like more verses!

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Lovely chord progression and the fingerstyle playing along with your sweet voice is delightful. Excellent work in putting together your nonet in musical form.

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An anthem for the unambitious among us! Lovely vocals and lyrics I can identify with. One minute was not enough!

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What a delightful minute of listening pleasure...lyrical...vocal and musical perfection!