Yours Now

Yours Now

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Liner Notes: 

Made this with the same collaborator as Little Bird. Really fun project!


Darling when I met you
I was lost in all my ways
I didn't have the answers, only fears

This morning I just thought of you
About all that you are
You're more than I could've known
or deserved

I don't know 'bout the future
I cannot promise what will be
All I know is I'm yours now

I will always be the girl
who has those seconds thoughts
And I know that you can't take that away

Loneliness has too often been
the guide along the way
But this time you are here to stay

Though the world can burn around us
And sometimes tears may fall
All I know is I'm yours now

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nice development, great drums throughout and I like the spacing in the mix - kind of stand by me feeling + classical in the solo - very 80s pop-rock ballad

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A real classic rock ballad! (Waves lighter) That piano really hits the spot in a kind of Bruce Hornsby way.

I must admit that I was waiting for the rampant multitracked guitar solo, though. The piano interlude is lovely, yes, but - guitars?

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I like the variations in texture in the piano part, and I appreciate the understated emotion in the vocal. A really pretty, balanced piano-pop song.

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This one's a sweetie! Time I looked in anyway. This is so different from the usual @IA, and more would eb welcome too. Where's the heavy multitracking? i reckon it's fine without it but had to ask! Biggrin

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a very accessible, and very successful, ballad that's really a treat for the ears.... impressive on every level!

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A beautiful, classic piano track that sounds like something that has been loved by generations and stood the test of time. The sort of thing that goes up on youtube and prompts zoomers to lament that they were born in the wrong generation. Well-written lyrics that are natural, fluent and eloquent. The almost conversational delivery makes sentiments like 'Though the world can burn around us / and sometimes tears may fall' land without a trace of hyperbole or melodrama. Wonderful, both of you.

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This is so pretty! The instrumentation does really well to lift the vocals, especially on that chorus after the drums have fully kicked in. Absolutely beautiful, great work!