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Liner Notes: 


Mike Skliar sent me a guitar track awhile ago, and after several false starts and a trip to the supermarket, I've put lyrics and vocals to it. I don't know if the piano solo is idiomatic, but my fingers were feeling rather stabby tonight.

Mike: So, yeah, I sent Nancy this guitar and drums thing, and she did her magic, as she does-- and.. I love it! captures so much joy and yeah, we all need that sustenance! (and I love her keyboard solo too!)


When you’re alone, you can always go
To the supermarket show
See anyone you’d care to meet
Everybody’s gotta eat

Dawn to dusk
Soup to nuts
We all need a little sustenance

Local honey and nectarines
Paperbacks and magazines
Forty different kinds of cake
Something sweet to end the day

Dawn to dusk
Soup to nuts
We all need a little sustenance

Just past the produce section, near the apples
You can find yourself some votive candles
It’s getting crowded near the beer and wine
And out the door, it’s the lottery line

Dawn to dusk
Soup to nuts
We all need a little sustenance

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Nice groove. Nice harmonies too! Nice powerful track

And so true, even in this pandemic era people still got to eat. And that piano bit works for me, nice slide up the keys there.

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Nice little groove y'all got goin' on here. I dig it. Hey Mike - did you produce the track with your phone? It's on my to-do list; to make a track using my phone. I'm also attracted to the chorus. It's super hooky and fun to listen to. And coin of phrase "soup to nuts" always tickles me. That "stabby" piano solo works!

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Wow. Great imagery here. I love how you take a simple trip to the market and make it much more important. I love the vibe you two get into. Even though you are 900 miles apart, it feels like a comfortably loose band who has played together for years on the 2nd hour of the 3rd set of the night. I want to be in that band.

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Nice groove!, I like the accents. Piano solo sounds great. Catchy chorus - I just hope the soup is gazpacho.