Down The Rabbit Hole

Down The Rabbit Hole

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Liner Notes: 

I am notorious for getting sidetracked. This is particularly evident in my live streams on Twitch, because I am a sucker for a fascinating diversion. So it was only right that I immortalised the fact in song.

There's another Doctor Chaos Max For Live randomly-generated bassline in this being sent to the Bass Slapper virtual bass guitar VST. And being me, I wrote this in 15/8. Count three groups of five beats ber bar and it'll all make sense.


What a surprise
I get diverted
Things will arise
and detours inserted
My plan has capsized
But I'm not disconcerted

Join me down the rabbit hole!

Carried away
by a novel idea
Suffice it to say
there's no need to jeer
Just accept the delay
That's how we do things here

I'f I'm struck by a thing
I'm gonna see where it leads
Remember, I am the King
of Getting Stuck in the Weeds
'cos when I pull on a string
some of the time it succeeds

I savour each time
I find a new rabbit hole
Not only is it sublime,
it's just the way that I roll
These things can turn on a dime
so I am still in control

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Obviously meaningful for someone who's joined you for your Twitch streams. This could be your post-50/90 theme tune. Nice celebration in the lyrics of the pleasure to be found in chasing down odd ideas.

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Really enjoyed this, and oh so relatable for me Smile I have 3 started instrument projects going right now.......I just stood there for probably about 15minutes today trying to decide which one to work on for awhile before saying you know what. none of the above today Smile I'll start something else Biggrin squirrels I've always thought of as natures crackheads hahaha.
'cos when I pull on a string
some of the time it succeeds

great line!

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The vocals are a little... sinister. Like the rabbit hole is somehow an iffy proposition. But isn't it SO MUCH FUN?!!? Muahahaha. Loving the 15/8. Sound so natural.

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Very cool (I like the way that you roll)! I like the lyrics about being diverted, goes well with the time signature. I was trying to count 3 groups of 5 but wasn't having much luck, but it sounds good. Excellent production.

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im listening a second time and counting in various time signatures and most of them work, finaly i hear it as a disco beat with the occasional back slap to mess it up. if i follow the smooth vocal melodies, it is almost 4.4. counting in fives, that same backbeat drop on the four throws me off. so im through counting after three listens. ill take your word on 15/8 because that is the feel you are feeling whle creating this masterful song. the lyrics are provocatve and can be interpreted from different directions. one of the mot important things for me in both writing and listening to a song is moving along with it withut knowing precisely where we are at. there are few things as dull as knowing we are now coming out of the chorus innto the third verse. your writing never stumbles on that block. every turn of phrase is a new adventure.

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Aww damn, this is really awesome Chris! I just love, Love, LOVE the hook/title! The lyrics are just wonderful! I am so in agreement with your whole concept of going down the rabbit hole! And you have described it so perfectly in your words!! And I love how you've taken those great lyrics and weaved them into a truly beautiful soundscape! I will also take your word for the 15/8 time sig; all I know is it feels different...deliciously different! The whole production is aces. I thoroughly enjoyed my listen!!!

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This one rules! The time signature pulls you along in a journey that is somehow both disorienting and grooving. Perfect for the subject matter. The vocal layering is fantastic, the repeated line at the end is intense and very persuasive, I am drawn in and would very much like to travel down this rabbit hole!

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Great theme, thanks for taking us down your rabbit hole! Loving the moody atmosphere, somewhat bewitching with the soft vocals.
The odd-time signature is of course a keystone of this cryptic edifice. I never felt the need to count, it flows so nicely.

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Had to come listen to the original of course. Smile
Oh man, the rabbit hole. You and me both. I can't even describe how many tangents I can follow in a day. If only it was exercise and I lost weight at the same time. Hahaha! This line, "Remember, I am the King/of Getting Stuck in the Weeds" made me laugh.
And classic HFO prog yummines. What a great start to my day!