Life Questions

Life Questions

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- first bounce, unfinished, change up styles exercise --

- Hahhh, so, while listening to some miserable little girl a decade or so ago, that would wine into a mic to some okay music.

- So, as I commented, as 180 degrees from me ? (well God, I hope so...), as I can engage to play in their "head" ? maybe. Anyway, if has an effect of "breaking the box", then it's all good. And, -- sometimes stuff I don't think much of, others like, and, I am okay with that too!

So, for me +- 5090 is over and likely the last one such as it is... close it out w/scheit so, have something to come back to and work on! Wink

I won't have any time to consider this, this week and it was just sitting there in an open Linux window... (with me, putting off packing, and drinking more coffee Smile ), -- well, after the initial recording wondering, delete? Smile hahhh! No, POST IT! good idea!

-- I honestly don't get the whole "pretty little girl", ~ yarling ~ into a mic, all squishy and doey eyed, and etc., and, so it goes.

-- I think, what I had in mind if remember correctly, hahhh! -- what I had in mind was some heavy overdriven electric guitar noodling, mirroring the "melody" such as it is. So, that would *not be much box breaking, hahhh. I dunno... I try. I make it all sound "like me"... just how it goes.

Oh, yes, thinking in the flow here..., so, if someone is somehow "moved" by this and wants a go at it, let me know. I am/will be away from "normal" on ramps to the Internet, so if I don't know you, -- look end of week for an answer otherwise.

-- Best of luck to all rest of the year!!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Does this really need collaboration? Wouldn't have thought so, it comes over as okay as is. Possibilities, possibilities, all those questions and the answer is always yes/no/maybe/wouldyoumindrepeatingthequestion. Yep, the "pretty little girl" syndrome can get very old, but perhaps that's jsut us getting very old.

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What Tim said; this feels done. The wonderfully curmudgeonly vocals that you've already laid down are the well-deserved focus of this, and anything more than those two (?) guitars as an accompaniment would feel like it was overdoing things.

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Think this works totally fine as it is. Really like the cyclic repetition - there's a meditative, mantra-ish quality to it that is potentially (?) a commentary on the futility of dwelling on some thoughts. That's my interpretation anyway, and I liked it for that reason.

What they said.
I have to admit, the reference of the "pretty little girl" stuff in the liners has gone over my head. But most things go over my head anyway lol
Whatever is behind the motivation for the lyrics, it works musically as I like the vocal melody. The star to me is the gentle guitar bed you've put down. It sway-back-and-forth inducing. Pair that with the droning vocal style you do so well, and its kind of lulling. Is that what is meant by pretty little girl syndrome? Like lullabye-ish?

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I too agree with the this one done for now Smile I think anything more would overdo it, and draw focus away from what is a great guitar bed/vocal track. you whine right up there with the best of pretty little girls Biggrin hahahaha
I actually really enjoyed this lyric too Biggrin A little too deep still if going for the mindless droning though Smile