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Liner Notes: 

Having gotten stuck this weekend, I'm trying some experiments to get moving again. This one comes from a prompt in @headfirstonly's Twitch stream, to write a lyric in nonet form: starting with nine syllables, with each line successively one syllable shorter. The form suggested a subject. I guess this counts for the autumn skirmish prompt, belatedly.

The composition started with the bass part. The E string on my Ashbory has been getting dull (and I'm waiting for a replacement by mail) so I wanted to concentrate on the higher strings. I use a different type of string, Thundergut, for the G, and liked playing with that timbre. Added vocals and piano.


Butterflies in late-summer sunshine
Contemplating south migration
Ripple like black raspberry
Sweetening the noon sky
Days getting shorter
Floating slowly
Rising up

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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wonderfully poetic... the music fits the lyric well, too- like late summer waves of sunshine and shadow.
creative and inventive!

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Kaleidoscopic. Fluttery. Fragile. Fleeting. Beyond gorgeous. I could taste this with my feet.

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Gorgeous lyrics and playing. This has a really ethereal feel to it that makes me feel as if I'm drifting on an autumn breeze. The abrupt ending with the word "gone" works really well. Nice!

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Really pretty; fragile. The bass pulse anchors the whole thing. The ethereal guitar and vocals feel like they would float away without it. I like the way teh nonet form drives a lyric toward a definite conclusion.

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This is delightfully rhythmic and feels like butterflies flitting about. Very enjoyable!

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Beautiful piece. How you've captured the theme of summer's ephemerality within the dwindling line lengths of the song. And those broken piano runs are gorgeous. Really evocative.

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Oh, that's gorgeous! That repeating bassline really goes in and sticks, so the changing scansion almost becomes invisible. And what a beautiful word-picture you paint; really vivid. Reminds me quite a bit of early eighties Joni Mitchell. Love it!

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i like the dreamy space of this. the gradual disintegration of summer. nicely done

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Love that bass line and the melody soars over it. Together sounds just like buttlerflies Smile

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The bass fits in so well! And all the vocal play and exploration is awesome. Nice work!

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I love everything about this, starting with your gorgeous, descriptive nonet. The pacing of your delivery and the layered vocals are superb. And the piano and bass combination just floats along--very fitting for a song about migrating butterflies. Excellent!

Really digging the harmonies. There's a lot of warm goodness when you hit those. Love the music here. The piano fluttering around in the back of the mix with the bass keeping that insistent rhythm is a great and unique backing for your vocals.
Some beautiful imagery in your lyrics, too.