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Liner Notes: 

fancy autumn skirmish!

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nicely done- great orchestral textures there, and it all sounds quite like a live orchestra doing its thing! impressive stuff!

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Very dramatic. I could see this as music over a "Game of Thrones" type scene as they start to wrap up in sheepskin coats and gather food for the coming winter.

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This is rich and lush. Congratulations on developing this kind of sonic depth in a skirmish!

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Wow. This plays like an overture to a movie score. I love the transitions and the variety. Really activated my imagination. You’re very good at this type of composing!

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Very regal sounding. Make me think of autumn striding in to take its place in the wheel of seasons! Really nice orchestration.

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Oooh, loving what you're doing with the woodwinds in this. I don't think I've touched the clarinets or oboes in Discover at all, yet; I need to rethink my approach after hearing that opening. The moment when the horns finally arrive is glorious. I totally agree with the previous comments about this sounding like a movie score, because it hits so many different and very specific emotional beats as it progresses. Impeccably done!

Incidentally, you might find @ryako's Wednesday-night Twitch streams of interest as she's been working on scoring Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" recently

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Fancy indeed - would work so well as a soundtrack. You've done amazing work here in the space of an hour. That little bit at the very end with the solo woodwinds having a conversation is just gorgeous.

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Nice work, fast composing. Obviously and epic mood and is excellently orchestrated to my ear. Would work great in a medieval-type film or even a nature underscore.

Very epic and complete in such a short time frame. Lovely instrumentation. Nice one mate! .

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I should have known you'd go this route, but I didn't. This sounds so good. I agree it could be used as a score in a variety of types of films, to me I was just picturing the orchestra playing it while watching from my nosebleed seats in the balcony.

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The orchestral feel sounds like a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through a wind-swept fall landscape. Good use of the orchestral library!