Not Leaving The House

Not Leaving The House

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Liner Notes: 

I spent far too long on this one, obsessively tweaking the MIDI notes that are triggering the Bass Slapper bass guitar VST to make it sound like me playing a a real bass, and then adding a bunch of embellishments with Discover that got completely out of hand after I discovered the free Sonatina Choir VST, because I ended up adding a whole bunch of overdubs of me singing bass to add to its impressive-sounding patch. You can download it here:

And the lyrics were written after visiting two shopping malls *and* the supermarket in a single afternoon and by the time I got home I had decided that I never want to leave the house ever again.

This is another fast one: 168 bpm. Maybe I should cut back on the caffeine.


I used to love a music outing
and get to see my favourite band
Now it's all over bar the shouting
Modern audiences I can't stand
No social distance, only flouting
the rules to keep the epidemic well in hand

I don't like complaining and I'm not a one to grouse
but I don't care it's not raining, I am not leaving the house

Regretfully, I must decline your offer
of an evening at the pub
despite delights and drinks there proffered
within our local social hub
Because it only takes a single cougher
for all of us to join the Covid Club

These days I hate all retail outlets
I just don't see the appeal
The Mall brings me out in a cold sweat
The supermarket's simply an ordeal
My shopping list I'd sooner forget
"Just buy online" is my ideal

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Oh my, if I visited two shopping malls and a supermarket in a single day, I'd be screaming this for days. I go out to the less-frequented nature trails, and that's about it. I very much relate to these lyrics.

I like how the music bubbles with lots of speed and stimuli, while the lyrical and vocal approach resists it all. That bass sound is out of this world.

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one of the best expressions of covid anxiety i have heard this season. i havent left the house in six months, except to cross the street once a night to take out the garbage, so i feel your pain. the music is splendid and your delivery held me rapt.

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nah the uptempo'd beat really adds to the anxiety this builds as a whole musically and lyrically, I don't think this would go down as well slowed down.

wow before reading your liner notes I was about to comment on that bass!, actually more impressive pulled off with a VST, those choir samples are excellent too, thanks for that link I'll check them out as well, still haven't played around with that discover symphony a whole lot yet other than saying ohhhh I like that one too and never doing anything with it hahah.

no headphones on just through some little fairly crappy monitor speakers, but sounds great!

this vocal delivery is excellent! perfectly stubborn tone in the not leaving bits especially......blends perfect with the music............a really great covid song!

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Sentiments I think many of us are feeling. Sad I love the grousing gravelly voice change. Well done!

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This rocks in an 80s way and it's very likable. Those drum rolls and fills are driving the song and so does that bass which sounds very cool, can't believe you didn't play it and it still sounds like a slapping bass. Over here in the Netherlands it's not obliged to wear mouth masks in shopping malls, but it is in public transport; I'm glad I'm not dependent on public transport for the one time I did this year last month it was kind of an alienating experience. Anyway, this song has that anxious feel of living in a parallel universe I never thought of ever living in.

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Love the music production on this. I’d say the tweaking was worth it. Love the shift to the super heavy metrical style of singing in the chorus. Definitely a sentiment we can all understand.

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This is so relatable in many ways. You express the anxiety of the idea of just going out and then the thoughts during and after too. I think the music is great. It's got a catchy beat and the chorus chomps along in an entertaining fashion. Well done!

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As others have posted...this is so relatable but what lifts it up above similarly themed songs is the fantastic and imaginative production!

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Love the frenetic energy - what I felt like the one time I went to Target during this time. Ack! I’ve been thinking that a lot of us still won’t be able to leave the house once this thing is over.