Totally Rejected

Totally Rejected

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Liner Notes: 

I found the title from the name of a horse running in one of the day's horse races.


Totally Rejected

On a beach at sunset
Just before the night
We slowly passed each other
You this beautiful jewel
That caught my eye

So I made the small talk
Asked if you were free
We could take a midnight swim
Or sit and chat some more
Right by the sea

Heck romance wasn't dead
Yet it was for you and me
Despite the sand and sea
You never wanted any chemistry

It was the words you said
That left me
Totally rejected
And they rebounded in my head
left me feeling
Totally rejected
Took a chance
This one I lost
So I walked away, without cost
but Totally rejected

Even with a great setting
When we get knocked back
It's upsetting
Even though you shone like gold
I wasn't meant for you
I was told

(repeat pc and chorus)

I tried to be polite
Use the right nice word
But we never got that close
You were so crystal clear
And that's what hurt

(repeat pc. and chorus)

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That's a very sad and touching story you tell. It's very creative of you to have written this after seeing the name of a race horse.