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Liner Notes: 

I wrote this song on the fly, meaning I clicked the "add a new song" button and got to typing. I was telling another community member that I'm thinking about being more transparent about my lyrics, my songs - everything. I think I'll start here. Everyone has an opinion about how the world is right now, and some are very passionate about it. Some are more vocal than others. I don't think I'll be as loud and as obnoxious as most people are about their opinions. I don't gravitate towards group tank thinking, so don't be too taken a-back when I mention that I don't go along with movements like BLM, cancel culture or being "woke".


I was born with skin dark as the night
I was blessed with a keen sense of insight
2 understand it is what it is
Why I didn't always get 2 play with other kids

I never felt like I was on a plantation
I never felt like I was denied something prized
I never felt I was less than normal
Until the day I realized...

If I say U stole my music
If I say U jacked my attitude
If I say U your discovery was my idea
That says a whole lot about U

But if I say that U can't dance like me
And that U can't have a chance no more
If I take away your privileges
And then formerly shut the front door
If I fall in line 2 make U pay 4 all that "we've" been through
If I call U a racist, then call me a racist 2

The founding fathers had an idea
That did not have everyone in mind
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
But only 4 1 kind

I never knew what it's like 2 B barred
But I know what it's like 2 be dissed
I never knew how systemic racism is
But I also know life is hard

If I say that u never gave me a chance
If I say U want it all 4 yourself
If I speak of all the evil U do
That's a serious indictment of U

But if I say U can't know my culture
If I say U'll always pay 4 your crime
If I seek 2 make U irrelevant
Since your sins R not like mine
If I'm determined 2 make U feel all that "we've" been through
If I call U a racist, then call me a racist 2
Yes - call me a racist 2
Call me a racist 2
Call me a racist 2

2020 The Jelly Factory!

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this going to make a great song. everything us expressed with such strength and clarity. although i know there are plenty U's in this world , it is my belief that most of the people i the united states at this time share a culture that is african-european, and that all of us who are not members of the ruling class are oppressed by them, each of us for who we are and how they see us.

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Yeah, I'd like to hear this song.
As you say, we all have our individual sins.
It seems to be easier to recognize them in others than in yourself.
Excellent work here.

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Brilliant lyrics Craig. Can't wait to hear your words. Strong and to the point.

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Great words! Thank U for these lyrics.
I can fully understand not going along with movements. I can be partial to ideas from different sources but there always seem to be standpoints I disagree with.

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This is great! hoping you do music this one up.......would be great all the way from bluesy spoken word/simple beat to full blown production. Really excellent straight from the mind writing!