De Construction

De Construction

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This has both a really nice groove and a great sense of free-flow. Pretty cool to have both at once

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I agree with the above completely!! great mix too!! that vocal sets real nice amidst all that wondrous noise.....sounds like it was a lot of fun! even if not a real fun song hahah.
Great stuff!

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A great dose of grungy rock. Despite the slow tempo, this has an angry energy to it, particularly in the way that the vocals lock on to the pulse of the delay and really push the repeats. And the rhythmic element is so strong that I was three minutes in before I realised that there weren't any drums. Very cool listen.

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I like the way the acoustic and electric guitars complement each other. I love those lead runs on the guitar.
The vocal sounds subtle, contrasting with the anger in the lyrics.
Yeah, this is definitely one of my favourites from you!