Between the Night and the Day - a shovel full

Between the Night and the Day - a shovel full

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Liner Notes: 

Cody (dzd), did a,
-- "Custom Diddley Bo", "Shovel Slide" to this, ala screw-driver and BIC lighter.

Since both versions are up and links in the text there, -- it was easy and interesting to then quickly compare the effects of Compression. All the Hz's are so close, and so dB +- and Hz separation can only go so far; well, in so far as I can engage them.
(It must have been fun engineering some of the "pink floyd" stuff -- what came to mind in this.)

I was going to "add more", and then thought, -- put it where? So actually any electric guitar noodling is fully satisfied by Cody's slide work and the harmonica, well, imo Smile hahhh! If done, "Live", well, I'm sure I could jam some electric guitar in there too and would likely come across much better with all the then possible dynamics.
-- E.g., the Bass finger-string attack really got squashed in the compression, -- almost like a different bass in my ear.
-- Also, I really really HEAR that BandCamp does some file processing; each time I loaded this prior to this last (gave up already Wink version) -- I was like, WHAT did I just load? A Big volume shift and to me, there may be some Hz processing, or "enhancing" ? ... e.g., the Bass really got "touched" by them in the last two uploads versus my Native Audacity, or even WAV output locally.
(So, -- just interesting and may just be this file since all is so "close" together... who knows!)

-- As always, don't waste your time listening unless wearing Headphones; and, not ear wax packed buds on the cell phone, even Wink Smile

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Hah! just listened on some little laptop speakers, well some little external ones that aren't complete trash, but mix sounds great there! just because I've gotten used to what the bass would sound like on a real stereo/headphones, it's about all they lack :D, I think I agree with ya though, in a recording setting much more might just "muddy" it all up, maybe still room for a few notes here and there? but for what purpose? Biggrin Unless a lyrical break for a music breakdown, but then we're talking 15-20min songs hahahah. Great live, I can give or take them recorded. I'll have to listen again later with headphones. bass does sound(not bad) but different, but yeah, tiny little speakers so can't really say...

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good listen through headphones.......sounds......well just great!

Ah the real Usta is back, it has the slow stacatto vocal which i first noticed! Love the backing elements here, gives it a bit more ethereal feel. Very interesting and thinking lyric.

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The bass sounds great in my headphones.

See You In The Shadows…

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Yup, headphones always.
Yeah, a definite late-period Floyd vibe goin on here.
Really atmospheric.
Great vocal delivery and treatment.
And of course dzd's work is always good.
Nicely done.

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Really nice vocals and sound to this and the backing sound are well done.