The Human Bouncing Ball

The Human Bouncing Ball

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Liner Notes: 

No guitar ... just "regular" bass and fuzz bass.


He's elastic
He's fantastic
He's rubbery
He's bendy

He bounces off the buildings
off the floors
cos he's the
human bouncing ball

He caroms off the walls
he ricochets and he falls
onto a trampoline
where he sleeps and dreams

He's on the rebound
now that he's renounced gravity
with his jumpy DNA
(his jumpy DNA - hey!)

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katpiercemusic's picture

Love the imagery and metaphor. And the bass actually has a really bouncy quality that it's like word painting. I like the melodica at the instrumental break as well. Fun and strange in all the good ways!

billwhite51's picture

interesting deconstruction of surf music. and the asssociations one has with surf music areeme th well suited to the lyric. that human bouncing ball may well be a surfer in an alternate universe

Fuzzy's picture

Oh yeah, a bass extravaganza!!
Super great Joy Division vibe here, but as if Ian Curtis had a sense of humour.
Hey, do you remember those old "Plastic Man" comix from the 70's?
This reminds me of that.
I'll say it again; your little background vocal asides always crack me up.
Nice Melodica accents, too.
Good job!

tjeff's picture

Funny lyric, with the music reminds me of They Might Be Giants. The bottom bass line especially sounds almost "rubbery" so that was a nice addition to my ear.

Tim Fatchen's picture

The basses sing and beat well. The almost-Weimar vocal presentation makes the funny/silly metaphors sound just a little bit sly--one wonders if all is what it seems? (perhaps it's just me)