Your Privacy is my Limiting Press Freedom

Your Privacy is my Limiting Press Freedom

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Liner Notes: 

I couldn't possibly comment on the subject matter that inspired this instrumental. I even made sure that no violins were involved.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Interesting and very thematic. I envisioned myself driving alone out in a desert on a straight road about 80 mph. Thanks for the no violins!

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Interesting mixture of bubbling synth and thematic guitar and a great title.

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The odd time signature stopped me from wanting to hear when a next thing would happen. Which meant giving in and let it all happen. I dig the change of chords in here and the melodies you connect them with. Having read the tags I was prepared for what sort of song I was about to hear, and indeed it sort of sounds like a journey of wisdom in modern days.

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I can sort of envision this as the closing credits to some amazing new BBC Sci-Fi cult-smash hit (but one that could never fully replace Doctor Who, of course! I've been a Whovian since grade 4, back in the days of the 5th Doctor). Very cinematic in that sense. I absolutely love the odd-time groove of the synths & the lovely guitar licks on top of everything. A great song, HFO.

See You In The Shadows…

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I saw this one after you posted it, Instantly drawn to the title, but had tired glad I waited to listen Smile
yeah this is definitely one to just sit back and let it take you wherever it does! hahaha
Great instrumental! If you were going for a confused, frustrated, yet plodding along anyway no matter what the timing may be........well success! hahah
have you gave this a listen without the drums yet? If doable, I'd be intrigued!! hahah may/may not work it might need something to keep it "bound" so to speak
but I think the overarching melody may be enough........just thoughts........really enjoyed this!!! so much going on in the undergarments so to speak hahah.