Bullshit Jobs

Bullshit Jobs

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Liner Notes: 

TC: Nancy asked for an old school guitar track like we used to do back in the olden days. Then she came up with this great lyric and melody and awesomesauce. And here we are.

Nancy: Good to get the Rot Band back together. The lyric is a tribute to David Graeber and the title of his last book. He also wrote about how things could be different, which may be a different song.

TC: Acoustic guitar, programmed drums, electric guitar lead.
Nancy: Vocals, bass.


There is no justification
For this futile occupation
Give it all to automation
End this work week suffocation

No more bullshit!
No more bullshit jobs

Logging time without a purpose
Doesn’t make you a better person
It’s a spiritual cesspit
Fuck your Puritan work ethic

No more bullshit!
No more bullshit jobs

No more bullshit!
No more bullshit jobs

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I love it! Lol Hear! Hear! Take this job and shove it!! Lol Fun but I think serious too. I can relate.
Great collaboration. Dig the words , the vocals and the music.

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Hey this is great! I love the wonderful guitar track by TV and it is awesome to hear punk Nancy emerge! I love the lyrics and how they can be applicable to any job we want them to be. I can see and hear people singing along in solidarity with these lyrics!

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Gosh, I've said it a million times and I'll say it again; I am so happy to be retired early.
This is a great punk tune for sure.
I'd like to see this live in a bar so we can all sing along.
That chorus is catchy.
Nicely done.

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Ha! Great job! I love your vocal on this. Nice musical arrangement, too--loving that guitar solo with kind of a Middle-Eastern scale flavor to it. (Amirite?)

Great collab!

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This should be an anthem! Love the vocals Nancy and love the punk 'specially the tasty leady bits T.C.!

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Lo fi. Punk Rock. Awesome playing. No. More. Bull. Sh. It.

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Yes indeedy! Get rid of/automate the bullshit jobs. But I worry when the jobs I see being automated include train driving (eg) and the jobs that replace them are either nix or keyboard tapping...bullshit jobs...No I don't got an answer. Good song, you two.

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A belated Labor Day anthem! Exuberant singing and playing, fun and topical. Rock on!

(Does chair-pogo)

Yes! A song I can *really* get behind. This resonates with me in oh so many ways. Graeber's book is excellent; if I had my way, anyone who gets promoted into any management role should be made to read the book *and* told to write a report on it to prove that they've understood its central thesis (the correct response to this request would be of course, to ask "Why? What will that achieve? What's the point?")

AWESOME job, you two!

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Yes! An anthem for this phase of capitalism, whatever we're calling it. Ooh...over already? I'm gonna have to hit play so I can sing along this time. Excellent, energetic and catchy AF

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LOVE IT! The lyrics, the music, this is is so relevant for today. I love the energy and the F you punk aesthetic.

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Sometimes a sentiment just demands to be delivered in the old fashioned punk style. And this is one of those times. Great energy, great simple message. Loads of fun.

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Yes! Love everything about this track! Old school punk guitar and vocal with to-the-point lyrics that are so easy to get behind (and sing--or shout--along to). Excellent collab!

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Short punchy and to the point! What's not to like about this? Great collab!

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excellent! I heartily endorse the sentiment and happy to sing along!
great job all around!