My Target

My Target

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Liner Notes: 

Sometimes revenge feels deserved.


My Target

I've circled around you for days
Angry bird hunting it's prey
Cause I'm focusing in on you
And all the bad things you do

This attack won't come when you think
Your life boat all set to sink
Cause you've played all your cards for now
You're the shark I'm hunting down

You're in my view
You're my target
And karma benefits, when I take you down
Cause you deserve
To suffer hurt
And hurt some more
To even the score
Cause it's worth it
You're my target

I've studied the way you live free
I want to hear your loud scream
Cause it's taken time to plan this
But you've had enough chances

(repeat Chorus)

Revenge has to be good for the soul
Like a striker scoring a goal
Getting back to a level base
Where I can stand seeing your face

(repeat Chorus)

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Thats some meaty revenge lyrics, good build of the anger, nice one.