Keepin' It Unreal

Keepin' It Unreal

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Liner Notes: 

"Enough with the bleak! Do something dancy and upbeat!" Mel told me during one of my recent Twitch livestreams. So here we are.

Making this was huge fun; this is exactly the kind of stuff I would have played live when I was in a band back in the 80s. You can no doubt tell. The Juno-106 that I used back then was pressed into service for the lead synth line. The guitar is my G&L S-500.

And I think this is quite possibly the first song I have ever written in which I deliberately wrote a pre-chorus. Seems to work quite well, doesn't it?


I know this lockdown's got you wound up like a spring
But rest assured that I have just the very thing

The place to be's inside my mind
Just come and see what I've designed

You'll find me dancing in the nightclub in my head
If you can't go out, you should join me here instead
Keepin' it unreal

This place is open every day and every night
No social distancing required at this site

You could just stay at home and be a dinosaur
Imagination's what you need to make the dancefloor yours

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The bass and the arp make this sound so 80s - especially in the chorus. Great fun track - really love that slap bass.

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this is a fierce dance track, but the disco it takes place in seems pretty scary to me.

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More 80s disco than 70s but yeah, there's disco in there. Danceable groove for sure. Enjoyed this one!

Super cool track. The groove is nice, wicked bassline and very full instrumental. Your vocal delivery is perfect for the track! Very enjoyably listen.

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That synthetic bass is bubbling and jumping and bouncing wildly ... love it! And I like the idea of a mental nightclub. This reminds me a bit of Thomas Dolby's funk stuff ("May the Cube Be with You"). Real authentic 80s sound with a fabulous guitar solo (I knew there would be a fabulous guitar solo!). Keep keeping it unreal!

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I love this one! The vocal delivery is just right, I love the sort of low talking in your ear type vibe it has. And the instrumentation made me smile, it sounds very rich and nice. This rocks! Also the echo-ey guitar solo is dramatic in such a fun way!

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So my question is, is there gonna be a disco ball in there?
I like your speak-singing style and the doubled vox are awesome.
That bass line is nice 'n' boppy.
That squiggly synth line making me smile.
Wonderful guitar solo, as usual.
I'm starting to feel like a dinosaur even when I don't stay at home.
Yeah, this track makes me happy.