The Same Old Somersault

The Same Old Somersault

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Liner Notes: 

Had a hard disk failure and lost a weeks worth of work, including 2 corpse parts and morph.
Not sure I'm motivated to restart them, so finished this one I've been working on/off with for some weeks

Always love working with Stephens lyrics, have another tune with lyrics of his in the pipeline
Didn't plan for it to be so long, but kinda fits with the lyrics theme to have something going on for so long

Mellotron flutes
Tenor recorder
Bass Clarinet
Oslo Instrumentfabrikk P Bass
Yamaha SA50T electric guitar
Addictive Drummer 2
Some softsynths for the weird pulse synth thingie


lyrics by Stephen Wordsmith 2020

One step forward, and one leap backwards
With no boots upon my feet
With no feet upon my legs
And no legs to middle meet

Though the road rise up beneath me
And whatever drives me on
Is a force I'll never comprehend
Until my life is gone

I greet each inch of progress
With the same old somersault
The precision of a gymnast
And no ownership of fault

Yet it's all a giddy spectacle
For those who stand and mock
This old tumbler giving polish
To this Sisyphean rock

I'm the slinky on the escalator
Ever on the run
For my eternal torment
Is your everlasting fun

Highly strung, and all wound up, not
Knowing up from down and still
I will fight the uphill battle
Never going up the hill

Ever silent, ever slinking
Going silver 'fore my time
Face the same old situations
With the rhythm of a rhyme


I'm a rainbow without colour
I'm a circle shy one half
I'm as bent as politicians
And as empty as your laugh
I'm a stoneless, boneless Skeleton
A feckless, reckless fool
And I turn in perfect unison
With one old world so cruel


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What a great song! I didn't even notice how long it was. I love the Optigan sounds since I watched some videos about that thing.
You're right about the music fitting the feel of the lyrics. The melody is just beautiful, love the chord changes. And as always, some nifty production details.
A slinky on an escalator is a brilliant idea. I just went to YouTube to see if that had been done, of course it has.

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This is fantastic! I love waltzes anyway (I think they're almost cheating, because they always sound good!)

Love these lyrics and your instrumentation is perfect for them--loving that unusual little drumbeat you've got there. Love the synths, mellotron, etc.

Really well-arranged!

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Not getting the sound, must be my end, but the chorus I can hear and think is particularly strong, will try again later

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Love the woozy optigan vibes! The wobbly retro sound and the gentle pace are the perfect fit for the lyrics, this definitely doesn't feel too long. Great stuff, and excellent lyrics from Stephen too, that resonated quite a bit with me this afternoon.

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One of the great privileges of being a lyricist in 5090 is to publish something that stands as something complete in the context of silence - thoughtful, meaningful and personal - and offering it up as a gift to a musician who transforms it into something unique and beautiful on its own, infused with their own understanding and personality. This is such a strong piece that I completely forgot my own contribution to it - it's such a fluent take on the words that it feels like your own authentic voice.

And it feels so much shorter than it is.

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Beautiful intro that had a touch of lingering sadness and distant hope at the same time. I like the "one step forward, and one leap backwards" aspect of the lyric, some other really good lines too. The occasional dissonance in the musical arrangement are a very effective addition to the lyric.

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Using "Sisyphean" in a lyric - Now that's a feat! Wink

The beat and chords belie the task of rolling that rock up the hill - Until the chorus and bridge, which brighten the song so it's not quite so "gloomy"
Even though it's a long song, it doesn't feel that way at all.