Blue Dolphin

Blue Dolphin

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blue dolphin
either that or golfing
why could we not have both
in the wake of the sealed oath
do you fancy a ride through the park
on a big or small bike on a lark

on a trike or a pedalled go-cart
stop at the burrito truck if you're smart
can you make your way through the maze
or is everything straightforward and without the haze
of the tangents that make up a life
lived without regret in the face of the strife

do you wander the hills 'neath the stars
or in the sunshine with the moon in the sky?
is the landscape orange and yellow
with a bit of purple making it mellow
blue dolphin can ply the waves
like a d&d rookie making the saves

if you are in the sca don't be a knave
rise up and earn that lovely lady

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Two listens, I'm still not sure I caught everything, but I'd like even if i wasn't a gamer. Great weird vibe and amazing lyrics. So many "oh yes, that is the stuff" moments.