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Liner Notes: 

CTS sez: Notes are forthcoming...but I will say thank 100x over to @Robyn Mackenzie and the master, @Dragondreams for working on this with me.


My foot's like lead when I hit the gas
I'm just a blur when U see me pass
U can't keep up cuz I'm just to fast in my Lamborghini

All you girls that think you're hot
None of them boys want what you've got
In their eyes you're a passing THOT

Top gear in - I set the streets ablaze
Gas tank's full I can go for days
Takin' all curves leaving you amazed in my Lamborghini

You think you can hang - Oh you wanna race?
You think you're the one who can set the pace?
Well don't be mad when you're in last's my Lamborghini


Fast and fun as hell to drive
I look good when as I pass you by
I bet you wanna take a ride in my Lamborghini

High class, high keep - that's the cost
I make that bank to be the boss
All this swag I've got to floss in my Lamborghini

18 inches hug the road*
six three five carries all the load**
For every mile I'm in control in my Lamborghini

If you think I'm just a tease
Don't believe all that you see
This body's got more - trust me...Lamborghini


In my ride it's so soft inside
It's got plush leather seats
You know it's way to fly
But baby don't get it cray
Don't trip, boy, this ain't your whip
I am the one at the wheel
Lean back and enjoy the trip


You can look but you can't touch
I'm just too much

You can call but I won't come
I'm on the run

You can try but you can't keep up
And that says what?

You can buy you the upgrades online
But they can't beat mine


2020 the Jelly factory!

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musicsongwriter's picture

Wow, what a ride! Full of energy, hot, dancy, funky. Brilliant work Craig! Fantastic song, catchy and memorable, effects and everything here. Love the ending too.

Sunfire's picture

Great energy. Vocal delivery, the lyrics, sound effects, the beat, guitar. All come together for some great catchy energy from the ignition start to the ending see ya.

cindyrella's picture

zoooom! This is so fast and so good! Just love those sound effects! Awesome!

billwhite51's picture

everything hitting the right spots in this super production.

nancyrost's picture

Fun tune, love the rapid-fire vocal, the shredding, the harmonies on the hook. Kudos to this dream team!

Chip Withrow's picture

Certainly a 50/90 meeting of the genius minds!
This would fit right into the wild funk playlists I put together for my workouts. Inspired contributions from all three of you.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Very "Prince"--which is high, high praise.

Terrific lyrics and unbelievably awesome musical arrangement.

That is some amazing guitar work--great vocal!

metalfoot's picture

Wonderful 3-way collab -- DD's guitars, CTS' production and Robyn's vox = WIN


I know that Crockett and Tubbs had a (fake) Testarossa, but this is all about brashness and opulence and would fit in perfectly on Miami Vice, which I am currently rewatching (in HD!)

But that Linn snare is unmistakable - it was the heart of Prince's Revolution-era sound so it's no surprise that Robyn goes for the Wendy/Lisa style vocals and absolutely nails it. Attitude by the bucketload. LOVE it!

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

This sounds SOOOO GOOD. Absolutely love what you did with the production, and DD's guitar rawks HARD. Thanks for including me in this super fun tune!

Dragondreams's picture

The Jelly Factory does it again! I'm stunned by how good this sounds when all I sent Craig was a pile of random notes and bags of distortion. Biggrin

sph's picture

I only want the keys to your... Lamborghini!
Great in all aspects!

kahlo2013's picture

What an absolutely fantastic collaboration! The guitars are amazing! The vocals are incredible! The lyrics are superb with just the right amount of imagery and attitude! Love this song! Trying to think about how much this is about car, how much personification, and how much metaphor but it really doesn’t matter as it feels hot and cool and sexy and fun!

Tim Fatchen's picture

I want one too! Definitely a Lamborghini. (saddest sight for last month: a Lamborghini stuck in front of us (Subarau, sigh,..) in stop-go crep-creep traffic jam. it didn't go with this music though! Biggrin

Zeekle's picture

I believe it’s all been said. Awesome song.

cleanshoes's picture

Holy moly, what a great collaboration. Every part of this is hot--lyrics, vocals, guitar, production. Excellent work, all!

dzd's picture

If you concentrate and play this loud enough it'll turn any POS immediately into a lambo Biggrin look out road!

hahah this is marvelous in every way!

JūS's picture

Fast, fun, slick, and shiny just like a Lambo. Well played, everyone.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Funky and catchy as heck. The electric guitar breaks rock! The female vocals (lead and backup) are beautiful. This is like the Waitresses jamming with Eddie Van Halen.

ampersandman's picture

Ooo funky! Got some 80s vibe to it, the cheesy sounds had me grinning, while grooving along. Great vocal delivery too!

tjeff's picture

That fast cowbell rhythm is awesome. The track overall is just excellent, you definitely had me bopping in my chair. Great vocals and lead guitar lines. This reminds me so much of a combination between the Talking Heads and Blondie.

cola's picture

Wow, what a jam! Love the rocking electric guitar, love the vocals, love the lyrics - everything comes together into a very cool, confident, and fun song to groove to. Awesome work, all of you!

I knew when I heard the cowbell and the sounds used in the drum beat.
I just erased all the usual suspects of influences I hear in this, cause what's the point. Its ALL the vibe of those early 80s jams.
The spoken style of the verses works so well; its expertly done. It lends to the entire feel of this, which again, just totally takes one back to (guess i'm gonna list them anyway) The Time, Prince, NPG, Sheila E, etc etc etc
Basically everything I love lol
Everybody here has already said everything there is to say about this track and this effort by you three.
Good grief. Its just too good.

Gwyn Jones's picture

HIT! HIT! HIT! Written all over it! Fantastic production...congrats to all involved...what a track!

phylo's picture

So much to love in here! Stellar guitar breaks, jelly, rapid fire delivery words. Super amazing production from a real dream team. Just wow!!

Donna Devine's picture

Absolutely wonderful! Got me dancing around the living room on this bright Monday morning. Smile Brilliant, cheeky lyric, fantastic music, great vocals.
Dream team indeed. Smile