Everything's on hold this year

Everything's on hold this year

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I've said for years that 'its easier to write two songs then to write one', which may be another way of saying that once you're 'in the zone', take advantage of it and ride that wave and get another song out of it. So i had done a somewhat political song called 'we need to have a conversation about politics' and I started thinking about the larger problems we're all facing. A little dose of Shakespeare and Bob Dylan references probably made it in there as well...

recorded using a capo way way up on the 7th fret. I recorded the main guitar part, then the vocal, then the harmonica at the end. If i revisit this I'll probably add a second guitar part, maybe bass and percussion too. Vocal is a little too hot but at least you can hear the words well.

EDIT- I added a rhythm guitar part (on an old resonator guitar), as well as percussion (shakers) and a dobro part, played lap-style, open G tuning. Remixed, and here ya go...


Everything’s on hold this year
Its even worse than it appears
On blasted heath sits King Lear
Oh where’s the kingdom now

The stakes were high and then they grew
The vilest prophesies came true
The evil spirits stick like glue
Poisoning our sacred cows

The orange man has lost his mind
His fools they got out just in time
Their replacements haven’t learned their lines
We’ve died on opening night

There’s a plague on all our lands
when good men have refused to stand
while the devil issues his commands
and smiles in the spotlight

in a world that smells of burning tires
government troops light Reichstag fires
to squeeze an election from flames grown higher
the fascist plan once more

to fool the fools in their red hats
so they don’t see aristocrats
who blame the victims and call them rats
in the emerging civil war

their epitaph will be written plain
this was the era of trump insane
the truth will hit like hard hard rain
to highlight all their sins

and on that day we hope comes soon
maybe in January, in the afternoon
my spirit will rise like a big balloon
as the era of light begins

Everything’s on hold this year
But maybe there’s an end to fear
There’ll be a smiles instead of tears
When decency finally wins

(c) M. Skliar 2020

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I like your couple of verses of hope - I wish I shared that. Been really down about what's going on.
But I always love hearing your familiar singing and playing. Guitar is super chimey - a pretty backdrop for some really sharp wordplay.

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Oh I so hope you are right with the hopeful verses that we will make some good choices and things will get better! Your playing on this is spectacular and the words ring so true with me. Your vocals are great. I am admittedly nervous and bracing for the worst. Thanks for helping me feel a little more optimistic!

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what a great song Mike! and sounds really good too. i love the lyrics - i was actually quite surprised at the twist to hope. conjures a grim snapshot of the world and i am glad i know people like you are out there to call it out. top stuff

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You're such a great poet. I love the guitar as well. I always find that the capo up high makes the guitar sound like a mandolin, which I love as a person who plays both. I joked with my friend recently that I want my songwriting inspiration to come from something other than my feelings about Trump. Haha! But, this one is amazing!

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Great job! I like that guitar up a few frets sound--kind of like what they do in Nashville ("Nashville tuning"?) Also, what makes 12-strings sound so good.

Great lyrics--I always enjoy a Shakespeare reference. I've written a song or two in the same vein--these are some truly troubling times. I'm glad we have 50/90 for those of us that are housebound...

Loved this!

Great lyric and a really good and appropriate delivery. This is a very fine song that deserves a wide audience.

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Let us hope and work to make it happen! Some finely crafted lyrics here, and I do see the influences you noted. Love the indirection and imagery.