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Liner Notes: 

Again, I'm not playing guitar or bass - MIDI substitutes will have to do.


I'm not the trouper that I used to be
Don't have the fire I once had
I'm still the muso that I choose to be
Just take the good and leave the bad
The choice is simply staying happy
Or giving in and being sad

My arms will not do what they should do
I'm not concerned with what I lack
I'll simply do the thing I could do
Play with one hand behind my back

My limbs don't work the way they used to
More aches and pains with every day
But they don't count as an excuse to
Stop playing when I want to play
I'm going to focus on the problem
Not simply hope it goes away

The situation's problematic
but Mother Nature finds a way
Despite still being symptomatic
I'll keep on keeping on okay
I'll work within my limitations
So I can jam another day

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Oh yeah, love the groove! And the vocals are spot on! Clever lyrics. Sorry about your guitar-playing arm.

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The piano is excellent. When they music goes to just bass and drums and vocal around 1 min 28 it's really effective and resolves so well when the other instruments are brought back in. The lyrics on the one hand are very specific to your unfortunate situation but they are also very positive and would give hope to anyone facing difficulties.

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Same thoughts as what I've been having lately. I guess that's a nice topic for a blues track.

The drums, simply funky! And that lead around 1:50. FunKEE! Jammin. I love your funkiness sensibilities. And the sick drum breaks. Oof.